This Fall Winter Fashion Weeks’ Handbag Trends


As fall/winter Fashion Weeks approach their end, we now have time to take a look at the trends which have emerged at the runway. It’s great to see each of our favourite designers display their work once again – and the new artists making their name in the fashion world.

This season’s fresh new ideas are soon going to pop in stores and become available online – and most of us are particularly excited about the beautiful new handbags which have been introduced. Here’s a list of this season’s handbag trends.


Furry Bags
There’s nothing like a nice fluffy handbag – even though we’ll likely have to wait until temperatures begin dropping again. They exist in a variety of volumes and colours – but their texture has to be the most eye-catching aspect of them.

Easy To Grip
It appears that easy to grip bags are a popular trend this season – and many great looking bags have been shown to be easy to access. Comfort seemed to be an important aspect of the handbags displayed at the runway.

Cross Body and Belt Bags
These unusual bags showcased on the runway don’t even have a grip – quirky and interesting, they are also very practical, and leave you hands-free.


Reptile Skin Handbags
Close to the natural hues, these are made of alligators’, crocodiles’, and snake’s skin, making for a highly fashionable look.

Squared Boxy Handbags
These hip, awesome and square bags can be soft or hard case, and their nice structure lasts a lot longer than most other types of bag. There elegant style will give you a vintage look but with a modern twist.

Fringed Handbags
A common part of the 1970s vibe we’ve been getting since the spring/summer runway – they’re in touch with the decade’s signature styles. It’s hard not to love this look, there’s something about it that screams summer! There are plenty of styles to choose from suitable for day night, work or play!

Retro Bags
Retro, classic bags are all over the place – styles and shapes have been modernised yet keeping that retro feel, with prints and double chained handles, if you’re looking for a mix and new and old, try this style!.

Glittery Handbags
Everyone loves a glittery bag that twinkles in the sun, making up a kaleidoscope or rainbow, depending on their pattern. These are great for nights out and add bags of personality and style to an outfit, pairing with matching or similar shoes will give an elegant and put-together look.


Graphics Handbags
If you’re a very creative person, you may be attracted to more of the Graphic handbags, unlike other bags we’ve seen, which have focused on the materials, colours and patterns, some handbags stand out from the crowd due to their added prints, representing inanimate objects we see day to day – they’re super fun with endless possibilities.

Tiled Bags
These gorgeous bags are a mosaic of design and illuminate pops of pattern and colour to any outfit, whether you keep your outfit simple or mix and match with other patterns for the ultimate effect.

Brightly coloured Bags
Handbags that invest in colours were also displayed frequently in the runways, and they’re a classic that never goes out of style. Trying to match the colour of your bag with a piece of your outfit OR going completely legally blonde from head to toe will guarantee you stand out from the crowd.

Folded and Envelope Bags
This is another popular style of bag which is making their way to fall and winter. A stylish choice, they’re a nice handbag alternative. It’s an accessory that suits all outfits and occasions, obviously depending on the colour and overall style, it’s an easy bag to mix and match.

Bags with Words on Them
Similar to the graphic handbags, these bags make a big statement with a clear message, whether it’s a phrase or just a word, these bags are really cool and have bursts of personality. A lot of the handbags used colour, texture or even printed graphics to stand out among the other types of bag.

Other Popular Bags
Many other trends have been shown at the runway: Tiny handbags, slip through straps, suede bags, bucket bags, matching bags, travel chic bags, bags that go over the shoulder, quirky bags, and others.

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