Keep Your Neck Warm This Winter With A Fashionable Scarf!


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10 Fashionable Scarves For Winter

Let’s look back over the last ten years and you will see that scarves are as much of an accessory as any handbag could ever be.  We used to see scarves worn only in the cold weather, but now we see them as an addition to outfits even in the warmest of weather.  However, at this time of the year, most of the country is trying to find the best way possible to stay warm and the scarf is an essential piece to make sure your neck does not get hit by the blustery cold wind and frigged weather.

Scarves come in all shapes and sizes and have become such a fashion statement. Below you will find ten different styles of scarves that might fit the needs of your winter destination and of course will help build the perfect outfit for the holidays. Scarves are becoming so unique with the addition of pockets and hoods attached to them, they also have the exotic look of faux fur and that most classic essential plaid patterns of Burberry. No matter what the temperature or the sensation you want to feel on your skin, you can find the perfect scarf to add to your collection. Check out my 10 winter scarves below.



Burberry Cashmere Check Scarf

Hooded Scarf

madewell scarf

Madewell Hooded Scarf

Striped Scarf


Broadwick Scarf By Unique

Faux Fur Scarf


Top Shop Faux Fur Stole Scarf

Knit Scarf


Top Shop Cable Knit Scarf



Diamond Stitch Snood

Printed Scarf

scarf printed

Theodora & Callum Durango Scarf

Fringe Scarf

black grey scarf

Bickley + Mitchell Fringe Scarf

Scarf with Pocketspocket scarf

Club Monaco Claudile Scarf

Wool Scarf


Burberry Check Wool Silk Scarf

Aren’t Scarves amazing? I hope you have found at least one style that you are ready to add to your wardrobe for this holiday season. Keep your neck warm, it’s a very important part of your body for internal heat absorption! You don’t want any of the warmness to escape from the top of your body!  Don’t forget that everything you wear in its own right is a statement. Scarves feature great versatility because you can find a scarf with minimal color and excitement and pair it with a superb outfit with an already defined statement piece. Don’t forget to find that scarf that you can wear as a statement piece when worn with your monochrome or dull looking outfit. Either way, you will stay warm and look fantastic!

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