How to Style Your Home According to Your Fashion Sense

Your home is a reflection of yourself. Until your house looks and feels like you, it tends to lack that something special that really makes it home. Find your style, and let it lead you to making your home feel like home.



If you’re a chic fashionista, you already know it. Runway looks and designer dresses — you know that looking your best makes the best impression. High contrast is your friend. White chairs with black or red pillows make a bold statement, and marble counter tops showcase your attention to detail without being overbearing.

The most important part of achieving a chic look for your home is actually quite simple. You need open spaces, and bare, uncluttered floors, so hidden storage is your friend. Ottomans that are also storage areas, and lift-top tables allow your clutter to remain behind closed doors.



You’re a jeans, tee-shirt, and sneakers kind of person. You value comfort and practicality over looks, and your home gives off a vibe like a welcoming hug when you come in. The sofa may well be the main focal point in your home, so make sure it’s a good one! A soft earth tone or neutral color is a great base, all it needs is a few pillows and a throw or two in contrasting colors to help make the room functional, but oh-so-cozy.

Look for tables and chairs made of natural materials, like wood or wicker. And, since you like things to be simple, plan in advance for how to switch things up. Using pillows and paintings as accents instead of, say, a whole wall, makes your home easy to rearrange, without looking sloppy or outdated.




Wanderlust fills your heart, and you’re not one to stick to a set regime of what goes where. You need room to move, little things to play with, and space for crafts and friends. To create this area without making it look bare, invest in some amazing rugs. You can mix and match them throughout your home to create an eclectic space. Since you’re probably not a minimalist type, creating a way to display all of your artistic pieces is a necessity.

An old china cabinet is a good way to show off knick-knacks, but don’t keep it dark! Strip it down and paint it something light to show off the colors in your home, and make the room feel lighter. Lastly, bring the outside into your home. Yes, that means plants, but it also means everything else. Wood, stone, glass, and metal — the more textures you have intertwined inside, the less it feels like the indoors.




You love sweet things, bows, and lipstick. While pink might be your favorite color, you might not want it dominating your home. Accent your home with bright colors, but keep softer tones for the big spaces like walls and floors. Floral paintings can hang on the walls, and make sure to keep a space open to curl up with your latest book and a handy end table for a cup of tea and a few magazines. These simple steps create a soft, homey feel that makes people comfortable in your space, and invites them to stay without saying a word.



You’re the type who loves the fashion of bygone eras. Tea dresses, perfectly groomed hair, and classic makeup are some of your signature looks. But a vintage home can be an easy one to mess up. After all, you want this to look like you, not your grandmother — unless your grandmother had excellent taste, of course. A lot of your shopping can be done at thrift stores, but you have to be careful about what you pick.

Make use of the multitude of glass containers sold at flea markets, and use them to decorate your home. Fill them with sand, rocks, and flowers, or top it with a candle. Don’t shy away from flashy pieces! A single, well placed chandelier can give your home a classic, elegant look with very little effort. Help a new piece of furniture fit in with your home by simply covering it with an old-school blanket. A checkerboard pattern can drape your table, while a simple white blanket can make an old chair look new.

No matter what your style is, if you follow what you like, you’re sure to find a way to make your home feel like yours. And even if you don’t like one arrangement, who’s to say you won’t like it later? Our styles change with us, so there’s no reason to feel pinned down or unwilling to experiment. Comb the flea markets, go thrifting, and figure out what kind of decor you’re looking for.

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