The Stunning Homes of Wealthy Celebrities


The Stunning Homes of Wealthy Celebrities

From stunning apartments and villas near to the ocean through to huge mansions and estates in desirable cities and destinations around the world, wealthy celebrities really do live in the lap of luxury when it comes to their homes. When it comes to buying property, celebrities pull out all the stops to get something as huge, eye-catching and luxurious as they can, which they then proceed to have decorated to the highest standard and kitted out with the latest mod-cons and technology.

Some incredible celebrity homes

With plenty of money to splash out on luxuries, it is little wonder that celebrities have no problem shelling out tens of millions on a property and being able to get a sneak peek into these glamorous homes fills most people with a combination of awe and envy. Celebs have everything they need to enjoy a fabulous and relaxing time in their homes with all the latest devices and gadgets as well as luxury touches such as stylish and comfy beds with integrated TVs is the ones available from Very, Argo and specialist retailers like Bedstar. For celebrities this means not even having to get out of bed to enjoy entertainment and relaxation.

Basketball legend Michael Jordan has a stunning mansion worth around $30 million in Chicago, and this is a property that most of us will only ever dream of being able to set foot in never mind own. The mansion has nine bedrooms as well a guesthouse that has a further three rooms. There are no fewer than fifteen bathrooms and multiple garages as well as parking for over a dozen vehicles. Not only does the property have a swimming pool but also a lake there too.


Actor and producer Jerry Seinfeld certainly knows how to push the boat out when it comes to buying a celebrity home. His fabulous mansion at the Hamptons is worth more than $30 million and has its own bowling alley as well as a baseball field. There are plenty of bedrooms and guest accommodation as you can imagine along with multiple swimming pools and a gym amongst other things.


Incredibly successful as well as startlingly rich, Oprah Winfrey has really splashed out when it comes to buying a home. Her property is worth around $85 million and has everything you would ever need to never have to leave the home again. From an artificial lake and a rose garden through to a theatre, guesthouses, and tennis courts, this is one property that really would be worth a visit.

These are just some of the incredible homes that have been snapped up by super-rich celebrities who have properties worth more than most of us will ever see in many lifetimes!



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