Andrew Barton Moroccan Argon Oil Brushes


Having frizzy, wild hair may have been all the rage back in the 80’s, but these days, us ladies like nothing more than sleek, tame locks that shine. I have incredibly thick hair and have often struggled with it being frizzy, especially after washing, but one thing I have found that works incredibly well is Moroccan Argan oil. I’ve been using Moroccan oil for about a year now and it really makes my hair soft, shiny and it keeps it under control.

I recently got some new brushes from Andrew Barton’s collection which contain Moroccan oil and are perfect for making your hair silky. I even got the frizz free brush which has anti-static properties in it, meaning when you brush your hair, it wont start getting fuzzy and stick all over the place. Usually this happens with fine hair, but because my hair is awkward, I often get a huge amount of static and it means my hair starts flying all over the place and crackling. Since using the new brush though, I haven’t had this happen and I can say that the anti-static properties it has definitely works!

I generally start out by towel drying my hair, putting some Argan oil through the lengths and then combing it through. I generally leave my hair to dry for a little while before I start to blow dry and style it though as it’s not good to do that when it’s soaking wet. I also use the Andrew Barton Moroccan Argan Oil Miracle brush which is the paddle brush and it’s fantastic, especially for blow drying as it helps in creating a straight, freshly blown out hairstyle. I’d love to know what some of your methods are for creating frizz free hair and getting a smooth, sleek look? A photo of my hair is below.



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