5 Favourite Autumn Hairstyles

My name is Lena, I’m a beauty, fashion & lifestyle blogger. Today I am writing a blog post for you, about my five favourite hairstyles I like to wear during Autumn. I have dark brown, pretty long and curly hair, but there’s a few hairstyles I’ll include into this post that are wearable for those of you who have short or longer hair.

1. The Effortlessly Ponytail


This is one of my favourites for sure, it’s really casual and classy to me. It’s also really easy to re-create. Whether you have long or short hair, this works for both. I usually wear my hair natural like this, all I do is take all of my hair and secure it with a hair tie. But if you want to create these effortlessly, five minutes waves, just take a curling wand – I recommend using a one inch wand – and start curling your hair. Don’t hold your hair too long around the curling wand, you want it to be effortless, remember? If you want to wear this with straight hair, it works just as fine. Once you’re done with your ponytail, take out your baby hairs to frame your face and spray some hairspray to make sure the curls will stay through out the day. You’re ready to go now!

2. The Messy Bun


This hairstyle is pretty much self explanatory, but I really love wearing it. It’s super easy, it looks really casual and it literally only takes me a few seconds to do so in the morning. Again, this works for both short, medium and long hair. Everyone has their own way of creating a messy bun. All I do, is flip my hair up side down, gather it all together and twist it slightly, not too much. I want it to be messy. After I’ve done that, I’ll just secure it with a hair tie on top of my head and take out my baby hairs. I recommend doing this with second or third day hair, it works best for me then.

3. Beanie Hairstyle


It’s so easy to recreate, actually all you have to do is wear your hair in its natural texture and put a beanie on top of your head. But you want to touch it up a little. Usually when I’m wearing a beanie, I wear my hair naturally or in a regular messy braid. It’s up to you, you can wear this however you like! I do recommend only wearing a beanie when it’s chilly outside, if you do it on a sunny day it could get sweaty and it will make your hair look greasy after you take your beanie off.

4. Half up, half down bun.


My absolute favourite hairstyle, it’s so easy. You can wear this to school, kinda messy, but also to a special occasion, in a classy way. I’m obsessed with this hairstyle, all you basically do is take the top part of your hair, comb it with your fingers or a brush, twist it and secure it with a hair tie or bobby pins on top of your head. It looks amazing with every hair texture and length.

5. Messy Side Braid


I’m in love with Selena Gomez and every hairstyle she rocks! As soon as I saw this pic, I just had to re-create it. It’s super easy, all you have to do is flip your hair to one side and start braiding it. After that, pull a bit on your braid to make it messy. Leave your bangs out, you want to curl these, spray them with hairspray and you’re done!

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