Accessorising Your Outfits With Pearls


Not everyone loves pearl jewellery as it can be quite classic and posh, not really fitting in with the fashion trends of the moment. However, I want you to know that accessorising your outfits with pearls couldn’t be easier. Not only does it give you a chic appearance, but it adds a feminine touch too.

I’m not saying you need to go out and buy a pair of pearl studs and a string pearl necklace at all, but Contemporary Pearls are the way to go. Keeping them bold, more on trend and overall stylish is how to give your outfits that extra boost that you need. Pearl jewellery can take a plain look and turn it into something completely new and that’s what I love about them. See my tips on wearing pearl jewellery below!

Statement Pearl Necklaces


One of the easiest ways to spruce up your outfit is with a pearl necklace. If you don’t like huge statement necklaces then of course you can opt for smaller pearls in longer lengths or even layered, but the key here is to create a focal point around your neck and doing that with a statement pearl necklace just works. This chunky pearl necklace above looks amazing and it really gives her shirt an edge and a more youthful appearance.

Glamorous Pearl Bracelets


I personally wear pearl bracelets all the time as I find they add a little bit of a feminine touch and some class to my wrists, especially when worn with silver or gold bracelets to layer it up. The best way to wear pearl bracelets is with other glamorous bracelets, I’m thinking crystal or diamond accented tennis bracelets or even crystal bangles, as long as they are either silver or gold, it just works. When you layer up your arm candy it gives a more easy, relaxed look than it would with just wearing one pearl bracelet on its own.

Fashionable Pearl Earrings


Now moving onto pearl earrings, this is almost my favourite way to wear pearls. We have seen these Chanel double pearl earrings before, on Emma Watson, and these are a great way of keeping your outfit youthful as they are a fun take on pearl earrings. You can either glam up your look with earrings like this, or you can try a simple pearl drop earring. These add length to your face and keep things classy. I used to wear pearl drop earrings quite frequently and they look fantastic.

– The Fashion Supernova

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  1. Hi Lorna, loved the blog and I’ve long since been a fan of over sized pearl necklaces, where can I purchase them from?

    • So glad you like the blog! They can be purchased from numerous places online. Try ASOS or something like that for the imitation ones.

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