Timeless Prom Dress Styles that Will Still Look Stunning in 2016

It’s your extra-special day and you want to make sure everything is perfect. A girl’s prom is an important time in her life and if you are anything like me, I started the hunt for the perfect prom dress about a year before the actual prom! It’s a big decision to make; after all it is the last outfit that everyone from school will see you in. All your close friends and teachers that you have grown up with over the past few years will be there and you want to make sure you look absolutely stunning.

Image by Mark Maybell via Flickr
Image by Mark Maybell via Flickr

Once you begin hunting however you will see that the task at hand is quite a tricky one. With hundreds of styles, shades and fabrics on the market it can take a long time until you find the right one for you. If you are shopping well in advance for your prom dress you will want to choose one that is guaranteed to make it on the 2016 hit list. Your worst nightmare would be purchasing your prom dress early and finding out a few months before the event that the style you have picked isn’t even in fashion anymore.

That’s why we thought it was important to write an article especially aimed at the young ladies who want to plan ahead and ensure the style of prom dress they choose, is a timeless one. So check out the following points below to see some of the top 2016 Trends for Prom Dresses:

Lacey lacey – You can be sure that anything with lace will never go out of style and will still look beautiful for 2016. If you didn’t want to go full lace, then why not incorporate some lace into your dress having it on the hemline and neckline to give your prom attire a lacey finish.

Long, gorgeous gowns – You can be sure that long, elegant gowns that show off your figure will always be a winner. This dress style is practically timeless and you will be able to wear it for many years to come, not just for your prom in 2016.

Mid length – Mid length prom dresses will get you ready for the dance floor in a flash. Not only are they a comfortable option if you are more of a dance-all-night kinda gal’ but they come in a range of funky styles if you want to jazz things up. You can opt for prom dress styles with some creative embellishments or a chic bodycon.

Shorter hemlines – Nowadays it’s not always about the long dress at proms. We think that the 2016 Trend for Prom Dresses will feature shorter hemlines to show off some seriously funky shoes. So if you were thinking of keeping your eyes on the dresses only, think again!

Jumpsuits – This seems like more of an unconventional choice but according to the fashion gurus of Vogue, this is set to be big in 2016. It turns out you don’t even have to wear a prom dress to your prom anymore! You can get some seriously stunning jumpsuits that incorporate a mixture of elegance and practicality so you can enjoy every moment of your prom whilst still looking amazing.

Maxi-dresses – These floaty, elegant things look gorgeous no matter what the event and will definitely help you make an entrance at the prom. Every year brands bring out more daring maxi styles so we are sure there is something on the horizon just waiting for you!

The bottom line is you want to be Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter-ready for your 2016 prom. The photos will be spread across the social web and you want to make sure your dress is one that everyone will be talking about. So taking these style tips on board will be a great help when you are looking out for the dress that’s ‘the one’.

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