How To Incorporate Trends In Your Personal Style


How to incorporate trends while staying true to your personal style

Developing a personal style can be quite a tricky business. If you’re anything like me you often turn to Instagram, Pinterest, or fashion blogs for inspiration. Sometimes that inspiration can lead to rather…unfortunate additions to your closet, however.

I went through a phase where I was gathering a good bit of my inspiration from and for some reason everyone I was following had either an edgier sense of style or they were committed to the minimalistic trend that is so popular right now. So lo and behold, I started purchasing more and more dark, ripped, and studded clothing items and accessories. That’s not me. I like bright colors, white, gold, feminine styles, and crazy patterns. After a couple of months of a fashion identity crisis, I shook it off and slipped back into my standard style.

But if you have your personal fashion sense locked down, here are some recommendations for mixing it up with new trends while staying true to yourself.


– Don’t aim for the most expensive version of that trend to begin with. You don’t know how quickly this item is going to go out of style, nor if you will even like how it looks on you.

Gladiator sandals are a perfect example. These shoes have gone in and out of style at surprisingly rapid rates in just the last 6 years or so. I suspect they will be decreasing in popularity by next summer, so don’t go out and buy the most expensive version that you can find.

– Make sure you can style the item you’re considering at least 3 entirely different ways with the clothing/accessories you ALREADY own.

Option 1 – Those olive green skinnies you’ve been eying for months, what are you going to pair them with? Oh, your black and white graphic tee with Vans, your cheetah peplum top with wedges, and your floral printed tunic with booties? Do it.

Option 2 – Those baby pink overalls could look good with… A t-shirt? Save your money for something else.


– Take baby steps.

Don’t be like me and go all out wearing my ripped black jeans with my black checkered top, my black quilted sneakers, and my freshly purchased black Rag and Bone chain bag (remember what I said about not going all out $$$ on your purchase? Yeah that’s from experience. Rag and Bone ain’t cheap). I’m sure that my friends and family probably dropped their jaws when I wore that outfit though were polite enough not to comment. Minimalism is a perfectly wonderful fashion trend in my opinion, but that just is NOT me. If I had tried wearing just one of any of those items, it could have been a perfectly natural addition that gave my outfit some flare. Instead I just looked a bit silly.

– Opt for accessories first.

If there is a particular color or pattern you’re considering incorporating, try buying a belt, a clutch, or a scarf first to see how you feel about it.

– MOST IMPORTANTLY – Make sure you incorporate the trend in a way that looks and feels nice.

I know denim skirts are extremely popular right now, and I like denim as much as the next 90’s kid. So when I decided to buy into the trend, I wanted to make sure it worked well for me. A-line is my go-to when it comes to skirts. It’s comfortable and flattering and is a great way to balance my hips not matching my waist conundrum. So instead of the standard denim miniskirt, I found a way to match it to what I prefer. Additionally, I ADORE fun prints. Rather than a basic blue wash, I let my fun, quirky side peek through with these stripes.


Author Bio: Shian Knuth is the curator of The Fashion Investigator, a fashion blog written for women of all ages who are seeking affordable, realistic fashion inspiration. Exploring the latest trends, popular and emerging designers, and the how-to’s of fashion, The Fashion Investigator is a destination to learn, ask questions, and share your thoughts. Love bright colors, fun patterns, and completely straight forward human beings? Shian is your girl. Check her out on Instagram as well.

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