Iconic Glasses Through The Decades

Eye health should be everyone’s main focus and it seems as though some of history’s most iconic celebrities would agree! We’ve compiled a list that will take you back through the decades to see how eyewear has evolved, and also thrown in some recommendations, so that you can re-create your favourite looks and keep your eyes in great condition. As Buddy Holly said, “If people are going to like me, they are just going to have to like me with glasses on.”


The Cat Eye and Wayfarer

Marilyn Monroe

Optimism was in the air after World War 2 and fresh fashion trends were ready to take the world by storm. The cat-eye frame was worn by Marilyn Monroe, so it’s no surprise that they remain a popular choice. To master Marilyn’s style, Iceberg 137 glasses capture the 50s with a high-quality design.


Buddy Holly’s trademark wayfarer glasses were chosen for him by his optometrist, who aimed to create the signature style that has clearly paid off! For a mix of vintage and sport, the Carrera 6139 glasses are a great design for men and women.



When you think 60s, there’s a good chance that John Lennon’s famous round glasses will spring to mind. Favoured by Beatles fans and kept within The Beatles Story museum, Lennon’s signature glasses aren’t going to be forgotten anytime soon.


Jackie Kennedy

Jackie Kennedy’s chic, simplistic style also influenced her choice of eyewear. She famously favoured black, oversized sunglasses that added some mystery to her character. Still very popular today, F+F Sun 11 Black are an affordable and fashionable pair of glasses that will protect your eyes throughout the summer!


Tom Cruise In 'Risky Business'

Tom Cruise’s Wayfarer style in Risky Business undoubtedly influenced the popularity of Ray-Ban throughout the 80s, though The Blues Brothers and Miami Vice must have also contributed…

90s – 2000s

                elton-johnLady gags (190)

In more recent years, trends in eyewear have been a flamboyant mixture of previous decades, with famous faces such as Elton John continuing the colourful styles of the 80s and Lady Gaga drawing upon a little bit of everything, from the cat eye to Lennon’s round glasses…she’s done it all.

So, there’s a brief history of the ever-growing world of eyewear. Make sure that eye health is a priority with regular eye tests. We recommend every two years but this depends on individual circumstances. Eye tests are more important than you may think and can even draw attention to health issues including high blood pressure or diabetes, and of course, don’t forget a consistent use of sunglasses throughout the sunnier months.

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