7 Beach Look Tricks To Flatter Your Body

Choosing from so many options…

Hey! Wanna look hot at the beach but don’t have a perfectly trained beach body yet? No Problem! Let me share with you 7 tricks to flatter your body and get that beach body look. It’s about using the right pieces of swimwear that put your body in the right light.

Here are the secret beach look tricks that will make you look great. Let’s get started:

1. 2015 is the year of colours

We’ve all seen those colourful bikinis and bathing suits, worn by hot surfer chicks, right? They set trends! Same as the skateboarders in the street fashion world. So don’t hesitate to join them and choose a multi coloured bathing suit.

Here’s the truth.

You can easily flatter your skin type with the right choice of coloured swimwear. 2015 is about all colour on the beach. No matter if your bathing suit has pastel colours, neon or other bright colours – just go for what suits your skin tone.

Colours suck in your opinion?

If you are generally a classy person that likes to keep it simple colour wise. Then use mono chromates as an alternative like plain white or black bathing suits. These are timeless just like the shape of a Porsche.

2. One piece swimwear rocks

At this point, you can choose from either a monokini or bathing suit. They usually cover a little bit more. But you know what? Cut outs rule the beach game. Show the right curves of your body and make every man faint at the sight of you. It’s no doubt that it’s very sexy when tops are just slightly connected with bottoms, for example with strings.

3. High waist bikinis

Apart from the one piece swimwear mentioned above. Bikinis with high waist bottoms make you look even more attractive by highlighting your female curves.

High waist bottoms are in trend for 2015 too!

A higher waist covers your belly partially. Only the top part stands out and makes you look incredibly good. So no need to rock 100 sit ups every day with this trick.

4. Spice up your look with beach hats

Once you have decided the right swimwear it’s about time to add a nice beach hat. You’re a lady (when you want to be) and you can express this with a hat.

Even on the beach. Sand colours are perfect for the beach, since they match the environment. Depending on which swimwear you have chosen, you can either go with the same colour to keep it a uniformed look or you can go with the complementary colours for the contrast. But don’t mix too many different colours. Otherwise the goal of flattering your body would be missed.

Dont forget: Your bathing suit will get you a lot of attention already.

5. It’s in the details

Cut outs can highlight your tan and different parts of your body. Plus they bring more sunlight onto your body. #winwin

Make sure the cut outs are placed at the right spots to flatter your body. If you feel comfortable with your flat belly, then of course show it of. If you love your hips then chose a bathing suit that has cut outs at these spots.

Fishnet is also a trendy feature this year which makes you look hotter. But what about strings? Of course they are also nice to add to your outfit, but be sure that you don’t include too much in one ensemble. Because details need to be subtle.

6. Add cover ups to your outfit

So, you are very close to completing a hot beach look. There is just one little detail missing. Let me tell you what it is:

Think of that moment when you take a walk from the beach to grab a snack or drink. You probably don’t want to show too much of your skin while chilling on the pier. With adding a super light satin cover up, you keep your beach style and look very elegant at the same time.

It’s slightly see-through but still covers your body (just enough). And let’s be honest – it makes you look more interesting. The ocean wind will do the rest by styling your piece of clothing the right way!

7. Show your back

Finally, having a wide cut out bathing suit on the back makes women look powerful. Usually they tend to have a lot of free space for the back to get tanned as well. With that in mind – show your back!

Let’s round up:


Now, you have read that 2015 is the year of multiple piece outfits for the beach. With this selection you are in the best hands and have an overview of what you could do and shouldn’t do.

And you see, there are many tricks to flatter your body. It’s just a matter of choosing and combining the right pieces of clothing and tips above.

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