Fashion Trend Sneak Peek: Autumn Winter 2015

Before I start with the article I really want to let you know that I am not tired of summer yet! It hasn’t even started and I am already looking at autumn… Please don’t judge me. I know that all the fashion lovers are as curious as I am to see the new trends. So that’s what this article is about: a trend sneak peek for next autumn. Let’s start!

skirt trousers

Trend 1: Skirts

It may seem strange, but skirts are the next big thing in autumn (and winter). From short skaters to midi and A-line, you really can have it all. The thing is that they will be combined with a pair of trousers. It seems strange, but you have to give it a go. If that step is too big for you: try a legging or a knitted panty.


Trend 2: Glitter

Good news for all the glitter lovers: it is still one of the big guys next season! Just as last season; you can see glitter in jackets, blazers, cardigans, sweaters, skirts… But please don’t get overexcited! You still don’t want to run around like a huge disco ball.

Hermes imax tree

Trend 3: Leather

Next season leather will be seen from top to toe. Don’t limit yourself to a handbag or a jacket: go big. A variety of trousers, overalls and tops will appear in magazines, online and in your favourite shops. Make sure they also appear in your wardrobe!

Sacai imax tree

Trend 4: Fur

Bold and big collars, insides and outsides of jackets; you won’t be able to miss it. Fur is making a huge revival on the runway and also in street style. It keeps you warm, is super soft and looks great. You may want to opt for fake fur though. Your budget and a lot of animals are going to be grateful…

Nina Ricci Imaxtree

Trend 5: Layering

This is functional and fashionable. You can go all the way with it! Wear an oversized sweater over a skirt, wear big socks out of your ankle-high boots or layer a few t-shirts and blouses. Experiment with your wardrobe, it will surprise you how much you can do with it!

With these 5 trends I have already given you a sneak peek for next autumn. Please let me know which one you prefer or want to follow…


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