Ways To Wear Coachella Style Fashion Everyday

coachella style

We love Coachella fashion: the flower crowns, fringe, crochet… We look forward to the fashion more than the actual shows! Celebrities, fashionistas, and hippies alike all come together to enjoy the festivities and show off their boho style. And the style, is on point and a little outrageous too!

So although it’s totally fine to wear a feather headdress or a bikini with boots at a music festival, it doesn’t really translate well to everyday. So how can you take inspiration from this free spirited event without going all Woodstock? Read on to see how!



A distinctive feature at Coachella is fringe: fringe bags, dresses, tops, skirts… Wear a fringe skirt or dress with an oversize sweater. It’s the perfect look for a cool summer night. You get that boho element but you keep it toned down with a casual more looser fitting element. Buy fringe pieces here.



Crochet is another big trend at Coachella. Be daring in a crochet crop top but balance it out with skinny jeans and a neutral hat. Combining a Coachella-esque item with a modern piece brings the look together and helps you look put together yet bohemian. Buy crochet here.

Gladiator Sandals

summer dress

You don’t want to be walking around at Coachella with your feet hot in sneakers. That’s why sandals are perfect for this summer outing. Tall gladiator sandals are on trend right now but they’re not just for donning at festivals. Usually paired with high waist shorts or floral dresses, instead wear these sandals with a girly solid color dress. The juxtaposition will contrast the hippie vibe of the sandals. Choosing a solid color dress also helps balance the outfit with no one piece standing out, the clothing will work together to make one cohesive outfit. Buy gladiator sandals here.


printed shorts

Short shorts are a given at any summer music festival. These are a pretty casual item but at Coachella, they are often worn very short (cheek flash). They may be denim or have a floral pattern or lace trim and paired with crop tops, kimonos, and tie dye. Instead wear a fun patterned short with a slouchy top, once again striking that balance between boho and modern. It’s more stylish when you are not showing too much on top.

Crop Tops


As stated earlier, crop tops are another festival favorite. Keep it classy by wearing a boho crop top with a maxi skirt.

Tons of Jewelry

white maxi skirt

People at Coachella wear tons of rings, bracelet stacks and feather necklaces. Wearing tons of jewelry is a lot of fun but it’s not very practical in everyday life and all that jingling can get annoying. Try wearing one or two delicate silver pieces like a slender bracelet with your coachella-style outfit. Buy similar jewellery here.


floral dress

From tribal to tie dye, prints are everywhere at Coachella. Combined with loose silhouettes, suede, and flower crowns, it’s boho overload! When you mix prints, keep the silhouette simple. Wear a printed yet simple romper.

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