Easy Ways to Deal with 5 Common Summer Hair Problems


The much awaited season of the year will soon be here and it’ll be time to enjoy long hours in the sun and by the beach. Indeed summers are fun, but not if you have to worry about your hair all the time! If you are more worried than excited about summer, you’ve come to the right place. Heat and humidity can play havoc on your hair in many ways but there’s a lot you can do to prevent or undo the damage. Here’s how you can deal with it all.


Hot and humid air is bound to leave your hair frizzy. To keep your hair frizz-free, you need to ensure that you’re keeping your locks moisturized.

Hydrating shampoos and conditioners packed with essential oils and plant extracts are your best bet; they will help replace lost moisture. You also need to make sure that the moisture stays locked in and doesn’t absorb any from the humid air. Alcohol-based products will just evaporate quickly and won’t do your hair any good. Look for smoothing serums with oil instead and you’ll be able to keep the frizz in check.

Use lighter formulas in the summer and apply on damp hair for best results. If you’ve already styled your hair, an anti-frizz spray will help keep flyaways in place – simply spray into the air and walk into the mist. If you’re thinking of getting a haircut, avoid layers which can encourage your hair to look puffy. Go for blunter cuts that will hold the ends down. Ask your stylist to opt for a pair of scissors and ditch the razor when styling your hair as the latter can thin out your hair and make it frizz-prone.


Hair can turn limp and look lifeless more often than not in summer. The reason for your hair becoming limp is that moisture from the air is settling on your hair strands and weighing them down instead of penetrating them.

All you need to do to get some life into your locks is to add volume at the roots. And building volume at the roots starts when you’re in the shower not when you’ve washed, dried and combed your hair! Use a good protein-rich cleansing shampoo and conditioner in the shower. Follow with a volumizing product on your damp hair, blow dry it, and then lock it with a hairspray.

Note that volumizing sprays may not always work as the build-up at the roots can cause hair to look limper when you step out in the sun. Quit heavy styling products and try using a texturizing spray or an anti-humidity spray at the roots. Alternatively, simply part your hair diagonally to add a little height at the crown!


If oily skin is troublesome enough for you, greasy hair can be a nightmare! Heat prompts your sebaceous or oil-producing glands to produce more oil and as if this wasn’t enough, your sweat mixes with the oils and adds to your misery.

While shampooing every day seems a good enough solution to combat greasy locks, it isn’t. That’s because if your scalp gets dry, your sebaceous glands will work more than necessary to compensate for the dryness.

Stick to shampooing twice or thrice a week. If your hair gets too greasy, shampoo every other day. On other days, style your hair differently or use a dry shampoo to eliminate the grease. Avoid using different shampoos every time, find the right one and stick to it. Buy small-sized bottles or get free samples of shampoo to help you decide. Once you know what’s right for you, you can always buy a larger pack.

Don’t do away with the conditioner; as mentioned earlier, your hair needs moisture. If you have an oily scalp, simply use conditioner on the ends!

Sun Damage

While summer can present a lot of trouble in keeping your mane look lovely as ever, the sun can do some serious damage too. Prevention is the best cure if you don’t want over-dried locks that look like straw. And if you have colored or chemically processed hair, you’ll just have to be extra careful!

Protect your hair and scalp from UV rays just as you protect your skin. You don’t have to apply sunscreen all over your hair, just on your part will do. Further, wearing a hat or covering your head with a scarf can save your glossy mane from sun damage. Hair sprays and leave-in conditioners with UV protection will keep colored hair from fading.

Chlorine Damage

What is summer if you can’t take a dip in the pool? But for those who have light-colored hair, staying outside the pool can protect their mane from turning green!

Chlorine and metals like copper in water are notorious for dying light hair minty-green by leaching into it. Create a barrier by treating hair with a pH balancer. Getting hair to a pH of 3.5 will help. Additionally, soak hair in normal tap water or bottled water before stepping into the pool. After your swim, rinse hair with a mix of apple cider vinegar and tap or bottled water to cleanse it.


There’s more than enough time to get your locks ready for the sun this year and with the tips provided here, you’ll get your hair sun-ready for sure. So quit sulking about the heat and humidity and get set for a fun-filled summer this year!

Author Bio: Korie Cantor has been working as a freelance writer for a long time. She has a diverse background in fashion and beauty. She loves sharing her opinions on the latest trends and styles. When in leisure time, she loves to spend time with friends and family.

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