The Importance of “ME” Time

Woman Lying in a Bathtub Holding a Mug ca. 2001

Women today are supposed to have it all, careers, children, relationships, families… with all the demands we forget to have that quality “ME” time which is absolutely crucial to keep on top of things and keep sane. Research has shown that women are less happy today than they were 40 years ago, there are many theories why, but lack of time for themselves is the biggest one. So what can we do? What should we be doing? There is a tremendous amount of stress on us ladies, being parents, being daughters even, being a wife, a professional, it all leaves little time to do that one important thing that we need to recharge ourselves and take care of ourselves.

“ME” time – it’s all about taking that time we deserve, whether you have a quick 15 minutes, or a lucky hour, we need and deserve it. I had a lovely gift basket from Victoria Plum with so many wonderful items in which has been really helpful in making me relax. If I have 15 minutes spare, I like to do a facial, which consists of a good cleanse, an exfoliator, and an Origins Charcoal Mask, followed by a toner and my moisturiser, this is a lovely quick pick me up, that makes you feel instantly better and your skin glows.

bath relax candles

If I have an hour spare, I still do the facial but include a really intensive mask that I can leave on whilst I run a lovely bath with a wonderful Lush Bath Bomb or Soap & Glory Bath Milk. I also add a nice hair masque and wrap a towel around, I have some candles that smell like fresh laundry that I place in the bathroom and take the radio in to quietly listen to music and I always take my copy of Vogue, this is pure bliss and absolutely essential in my “ME” time.  I always wrap myself up in a nice thick towel after to keep warm and I let my skin dry naturally before applying my Soap & Glory deep moisturising body milk, this is heaven and smells like biscuits, it really is comforting.

I know we have trouble feeling worthy of taking this “ME” time, but it is absolutely crucial. If we feel better, we cope better and deal with situations that may arise better and cause extra stress. Make yourself a priority, because you deserve it, and no better time to start than today! How do you relax?


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