6 Dresses Perfect For Summer

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Summer is almost upon us and it’s time to do your dress shopping! There are so many different style dresses out there for different body shapes, which is what makes dresses the number one go to choice for the warmer weather. There’s literally one to suit everyone! For this post, I have put together 6 gorgeous options that are extremely girly and feminine, but with a lot of colour to make sure you stand out. You can buy these beautiful boutique dresses online from the list I have chosen, or why not head out to the high street and shop around to see what style of dress suits you the most?

The purple skirt and white cropped top look above has to be one of my favourites. I know it’s not a dress as such, but I think it’s so cute and elegant at the same time, it’s a look that any younger girl can’t go wrong with! Put a few bows in your hair and throw on a kitten heel and you are all set!

boutique dress

Red dresses are an all time favourite, not just by me, but by most people too. I think the red dress comes in at a close second behind the LBD, so why not choose something bold like this with lace? The crochet print gives it a much more feminine and classic edge, making it suitable for day time instead of night time.

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For those of you who like something a little more conservative, this long sleeve tunic style dress might be the one for you. It screams Summer with its water colour floral print, but it’s a little more conservative with the fit. Team this one with a pair of wedges and some sunglasses for that ultimate chic look.

boutique dress 3

Who can say no to white crochet? It’s the perfect Summertime fabric and colour, coupled with this demure cut. I think this dress just showcases so much class with the way it drapes over the body and it kind of reminds me of a beautiful Grecian dress! You really can’t go wrong with something as classic as this!

boutique dress 4

Next up we have more of a party dress, in a deep purple with gold patterns. This one would be perfect for those events where you need to get dressed up to the nines! Wear this to a Summertime prom, a wedding or even a garden party! You can’t go wrong with an updo, some pearls and some heels!

boutique dress 5

Finally there’s an iridescent pink and purple prom style dress too. This one, just like the one above, can be worn classy for a prom, wedding or garden party, but due to the bright and playful colour, it can be worn in the daytime too! It reminds me of something Atlantic Pacific would wear! Which Summer dress do you like the most?

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  1. Avatar Cristina says:

    I like my summer dress a little bit more…casual.
    If i dont choose a white one, i will definetely choose a coloured one (preferably an explosion of colours)

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