5 Men’s Graphic T-Shirts For Spring


Guys, Summer is the time to really go bold with your outfits so why not choose something that’s printed? Men’s Graphic T-shirts can come in all varying forms, showcasing bands, game or cartoon characters, rappers, singers or graffiti, so there’s an option for everyone! I’ve rounded up 5 of the coolest graphic tees from Tru-Designz that are perfect to carry you into Summer below.


I think the ever classic POW t-shirt is just right for layering with your denim shorts or skinny jeans! It’s casual, yet it’s effective, making it a go to for many guys. It shows off your quirky side while still looking cool.


If you love rap and bright colours, this tee could be for you! This will really liven up your look and make you stand out. Featuring 5 different hip hop stars, each in a different colour against the black, really makes this graphic print pop.


If you love things a little on the nerdy side, why not choose a t-shirt with a cartoon character on like this Dragon Ball Z one? It shows your retro side while still looking like it’s current and up to date. Not to mention that character shirts are considered cooler these days, rather than nerdy.

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Skulls and ancient designs are another great option if you have more of an edge to your style. This one is subtle, but it has a tougher vibe to it, making it the perfect option for someone who’s into a more carefree lifestyle. I think this version of an Egyptian queen pharaoh is intriguing.


Finally, if you are more into the festival spirit, why not get a Coachella festival 2015 t-shirt as a memory of the event? Not only does it have a gorgeous sunset printed on the front, it’s relevant too! I think it really stands out against the black!

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