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I got the chance to catch up with Triangl, the premium swimwear brand, to see what inspired them to start the company, what designs they love and more! I think their bikinis are gorgeous as I love the use of colour and lines that they use on the neoprene, not to mention everyone from celebs to bloggers are fans of their gorgeous swimwear!

What inspired you to create Triangl?

The idea actually came about not long after Craig and I met. I was racing halfway around the city of Melbourne, Australia frantically looking for a bikini for one of our first dates, but couldn’t find anything that I liked which wasn’t over $200! (This was way out of my budget at that time!)

After talking to Craig about it on that same day, we were inspired by the idea of starting a designer swimwear label, that was more affordable and accessible, and it pretty much all started from there!

Where did the inspiration for the iconic designs come from?

Craig discovered Neoprene as being a really great fabric to work with and that basically set the aesthetic for the whole brand from the start.

Our collections are largely inspired by what I like to wear myself! We definitely do find inspiration from our travels, which we are lucky enough to have take us over the world. We also love to be reactive to customer feedback where possible! As we sell exclusively from our website, we are able to produce and launch new collections very quickly, which allows us to have a lot of fun with what we do!


I think your bikinis are gorgeous, did you have a set clientele in mind when designing?

We just wanted to appeal to anyone and everyone who wants to wear a bikini!
Our demographic is actually very broad, and ranges from younger girls through to women my age (in their 30’s!).

What is your favourite bikini from the collection?

My favourite changes all the time! Depending on my mood, whether I want to get a tan, and where I’m going to be. I’m not loyal to a particular style, I really love them all and always pack about 10 pairs whenever I travel.


Can we expect any fun new designs coming up?

We are constantly releasing new pieces, we like to keep our content fresh and exciting for both ourselves and our customers! There is definitely a lot to come this summer!

Which bikini would recommend for different body shapes? Pear, hourglass, apple and boyish?

There is not really any defined rule in choosing the right style for a particular body type. It’s all about choosing something that feels comfortable and makes you look great! Finding the best cut for your body shape is also about knowing what you like, and looking to the shapes you tend to wear with your regular clothing i.e. what you like to show off, and hide away!


Do the bras offer a lot of support?

All of our bikinis including the bra top styles offer great support as they are all made of Neoprene. Neoprene is a fabric that is thicker than normal swim fabric, which holds to your body when you wear it and gives you really good support! It’s also super comfortable to wear too!

What was your reaction when you started to see bloggers, celebs and everyone really falling for Triangl?

The biggest moment for me was when we got an email from Kendall Jenner wanting a Triangl bikini! That was quite early on, so very surreal and exciting for us.

It’s really encouraging to see girls, whether its bloggers, celebs or anyone on Instagram loving their Triangl bikinis and having fun! It’s what drives us to come up with new designs and collections all year round!

Thank you!


– The Fashion Supernova

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  1. Hi Lorna. What a nice interview and lovely bikinis. The colours are so vibrant. 🙂 🙂 .Kim xx

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