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Popular denim and fashion designer, Georges Marciano, who has worked for the likes of GUESS and more, creating iconic jeans and bringing stone wash back in fashion, has gone solo! Georges has spent many years perfecting his denim designs and bringing it to the forefront of fashion, seeing millions of people wearing his clothes. Being a designer means there’s always room for creativity and growth, but when you work for others, there’s not always that freedom you crave for, so going it alone was the sensible option for Georges as it means he now has the freedom to create whatever he wants!

So, what does the Georges Marciano denim and apparel line look like? It’s cheaper than most premium denim, so you aren’t looking at breaking the bank to afford his pieces. It features some great, classic jeans for both men and women as well as a denim jacket, vest, shirt and romper. The apparel line makes up most of the collection, focusing on long sleeve t-shirts and sweaters, printed graphic t-shirts, check shirts and more, both for men and women, so it’s a full round collection! There’s even some shoes in there too and a lot of the denim designs come in half sizes, which isn’t something you see often!

Georges has focused on an 80’s inspired collection, envisioning the past but with a newer feel to it so that it doesn’t look dated. You might have noticed that it also has a Southern California feel to it, which is a standard characteristic of Marciano designs. “I am very pleased with the new collection and looking forward to shaking up the fashion industry once again.” said Georges Marciano. You can see some shots from the look book below as well as a few key apparel pieces that I have chosen to highlight. What do you think of the collection? You can shop it online at


Look Book

Some Key Pieces

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