Popular Medium Length Hairstyles For Men

As men, we sometimes think that short hair is too short and long hair is too long. When this happens, medium length hair is your best bet. If you’re looking to get a new look somewhere in between short and long hair, check out these super cool medium length hairstyles for men in 2015. These medium length hairstyles usually almost touch your chin and are currently trendy while being worn messier than usual. Check out these popular medium length hairstyles for men to find your next style:

Andy Biersack’s Medium Length Jet Black Hairstyle


Andy Biersack is the lead singer of the Black Veil Brides. He has gone through a few different looks but his most recent, signature hairstyle is the medium length jet black hair, tapered down on the sides and a little longer at the top, spiky, and worn a little bit messy. To get this cool hairstyle yourself, shave the sides of your head and cut the top until it’s 2-3 inches at the front of the head. Style the hair with fingers or use a matte wax to add texture. To get that glossy, very dark (jet black) color, check out Imperial Barber Blacktop Pomade.

Longer Medium Length Hairstyle


Long medium length hairstyles are best for artistic or poetic men. This hairstyle will give you an intense, manly look. For this hairstyle, just let your hair grow freely until you get to the desired length. No seriously, let it grow man. When you get the length you desire, get a little cut to even up the shape all over. You can then use some grooming cream or hair product to keep your hair in place and make it smooth.

David Beckham’s Most Recent Look


It should be pretty clear by now that hair trends in 2015 involve wearing hairstyles longer and messier, so much so that even celebrities like David Beckham do just that, Beckham specifically going with medium hair on top and styled back with the sides and back cut short, but not shaved all the way down in an undercut style. To get this look, choose a matte hair product as that will work for all hair types, from fine hair all the way to thick hairstyles for men.

The Pompadour


The pompadour is an all-time classic hairstyle, similar to the quiff hairstyle, that has been worn by plenty of famous bad-boys, including James Dean, Johnny Cash and Morissey. For this hairstyle, it’s all about length at the top, while keeping the back and sides sharp and short in order to make the hair at the top seem taller that it actually is. The top should be at least as long as eyebrow length, or 6 inches for the best look. As with most cool haircuts, styling the pompadour requires the right products for optimal results. I recommend you apply wet pomade, but start off with only a small amount so as to avoid making the hair appear too greasy (trust me, you don’t want to have to start all over again). You can also apply another finishing product on top to create texture, and hairspray to keep the hair in place.


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