A Blogger In Headlights


I recently had the privilege of being invited to a few blogger events. Can you believe it!! The excitement and sheer amazement that my work had been recognised by a brand, let alone found on the worldwideweb, was incredible.

I had paid to go to events before, but never did I think I would be one of the lucky few chosen to attend. To say I was buzzing was an absolute understatement. And apart from the panic of what to wear, I felt as though I had this situation handled. Little did I know blogging events would be another world!

From sitting in my bedroom on my own with a camera, to now being thrown into the throng of a social networking minefield. Acting like a deer in the headlights, I’ve never felt so socially inept. Putting myself into this situation I realised I had come completely unprepared.

So, after the first event disaster I thought I had better get my game face on. Because nobody is going to come and talk to the lone girl cuddling her Cosmo by the bar.

Find Some Friends
Using the event hashtag I scouted out some fellow bloggers who would also be attending. This was a great way of breaking the ice and organising to meet people without the dreaded fear of attending alone. Starting conversations about what people were expecting and what they were wearing, meant before I even got to the event I knew I would have some people to talk to.

Dress To Impress
Putting a unique twist on my interpretation of the dress code meant I had some lovely fellow bloggers commenting on my outfit choice. We swapped business cards, and everyone fell in love with my teeny tiny miniature cards. Sharing our love for anything in miniature format, including the mini burger canapes that were making the rounds, meant it wasn’t long before we were talking all things fashion and blogging.


Be Yourself
It’s really hard to stand out from a crowd when you’re a little introvert, but simply being myself and not getting swept up in comparing myself to others meant I could actually enjoy the event. Cupcakes and all. The best thing about bloggers is all our unique differences and opinions, but also our love for the hobby that brings us together and builds a community. I felt proud to be part of such an incredible group of women who had visions and passion for what they were doing. It was inspiring.

Don’t Miss An Opportunity
The event had an assortment of bloggers, journalists, PRS and a few brand professionals. Taking a tip from one of the modelling bloggers before attending the event, I had put some articles onto a branded USB stick, to hand out to any potential people interested in working with me. It meant they had my brand in their hands and something that they could open up and have my work there, ready for them to publish. I handed it out to a few beauty eds who I’m hoping it impressed enough for them to contact me. Here’s hoping I made an impression.

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