8 Fashion & Beauty Trends You Must Try In Your 20s

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Using the adjective ‘great’ to describe your 20s wouldn’t be doing justice to this turbulent and trying stage because it is during these years that you spend most of your time rocking in the boat of emotional turmoil. Your carefree, lazy self of yesteryears still exerts a tremendous influence on your slowly-maturing, direction-seeking self of the present, and you as an individual, swing pendulum-like between two extremes of maturity.

However, despite the confusion and restlessness, your 20s are a beautiful, eye-opening stage because it is a stage of growth and discovery, of learning to form opinions and holding onto them, of learning to understand relationships and what it means to lose them. It is also the only time when goofiness, naiveté and even moronic behaviour is not only forgiven, but overlooked.

In conclusion, your 20s are the best time to experiment, because you’re old enough to desire change but young enough to still not know what’s best. Use the leeway to try out risqué fashions, eyebrow-raising looks and head-turning style trends! Here are 8 such fashion and beauty trends you can unabashedly flaunt in your 20s:

 belly baring top

Belly-baring tops:
These tops are extremely chic and, depending on where the hem lies, capable of evoking a range of reactions, from lustful gazes to disapproving frowns. But, who cares, you’re a lucky 20-something and no one’s going to hold anything against you! Besides, it’s quite true that we are in great shape in our 20s. (At least better than our 30s and 40s selves.) So, don’t miss the opportunity to flaunt your toned tummy in an uber-chic crop top!


Funky Hair Colors:
So, you’ve always wanted to go green? (Not with envy but with hair color) Then you should, because no one’s going to judge your choices at this stage. You might encounter a few stares and a couple of ‘oh-these-crazy-20-year-old’ looks, but that’s okay because people still don’t take you very seriously. So, whether it’s that streak of flaming red or glimmering platinum highlights, don’t be too scared to try out something completely outrageous!


Crazy Nail Art:
Whether it’s a brightly colored Aztec print, googly-eyed mummies or characters from your favourite video game or book, don’t hesitate to cover your nails with creative, bordering-on-bizarre nail art. The same ‘she’s-just-going-through-a-rough-time’ logic will be applied even if you sport something extremely appalling. So, look up the latest and craziest nail art trends and paint away!


Neon Pink/Orange Lips:
When you were in your teens, (if you weren’t already a budding fashionista) you were probably too tomboyish or harum-scarum to bother with lipsticks and lip glosses. In your 20s however, the story is quite different. You party differently and you want the opposite sex to look at your differently and suddenly you realize the importance of lips and consequently, lipsticks! But, you don’t have to go all sober and mellow. Flaunt that pout by highlighting it with some really bright colours, like neon pink or orange and get ready to pucker up!


Overalls or Dungarees:
For most people, this ungainly garment is either for toddlers or for fully-grown, grubby workmen. However, what they, and probably even you, don’t know is that it looks extremely trendy even on 20-somethings! Denim overalls paired with a figure-hugging white Tee is a style look to die for! You’ll look cool, casual and really, really cute! Get back some of that childlike charm by sporting this fashion trend in your 20s! trainers with dresses

Sundress paired with Sneakers:
You might have sworn by this combination in your teens, but you’ll be happy to know that you can get away with this causal and comfortable pairing even in your 20s. When you’re on the older side of the 30 mark, you might have to substitute sneakers with womanly sandals or even heels, but not in your 20s! Pull off this slightly-sporty, yet intensely-feminine look and look as sweet as sugar candy!


Blunt Bangs:
You remember those cute bangs you sported way back in kindergarten? It’s time to mimic them again! Your 20s are the best time to flaunt this forehead-covering, adorable hairstyle trend because your personality still has the quirkiness and edginess required to make it look interesting and stylish. Sporting this trend in your 30s, although not impossible, might result in you looking a little silly. So, don’t be dubious about trying out this trend now, when it’s sure to look great on you no matter what!


Printed Pants:
Apart from pairing these pants with the right top, you also need confidence and attitude to pull off this trend. Hence, it is perfect for your chirpy, mildly-rebellious 20s self. Whether you choose to wear leggings covered with bright floral motifs or palazzos alive with vibrant tribal prints, the sky is the limit for you! The best part is that, because you’re in your 20s, you can afford to make some not-so-inspiring combinations and still look quite cool in what you’ve worn, thanks to your 20s I-don’t- give-a-damn-attitude.

Well, these were 8 fashion trends I think are perfect for us 20-somethings. However, don’t limit your fashion sensibilities to these, for there are a zillion such funky trends out there. Go out there and mix and match, discard and adapt, and when in doubt, don’t pout, just try on something else! Enjoy your 20s and stay fashionable!

– The Fashion Supernova


  1. Love your ideas, really cool, this guy has different feelings!

    Don’t show your belly!
    Keep your hair to the classic colors
    No nail art, but use different colors (no physical items on nails)
    Use neon lips a lot especially with dull colored days
    Wear overalls at least once a week, buy a leather pair too
    Sundresses are not flattering
    Bangs are a must!
    No printed pants…but printed jeans are hot!

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