Blogger Spotlight: Nancy of Fall In Lauve


The next blogger that I’m going to be featuring in my Blogger Spotlight series is the lovely Nancy of the blog, Fall in Lauve. Nancy is a fashion, lifestyle and travel blogger based in Canada and she has a gorgeous, yet very classic, sense of style. Check out her interview below!


What made you decide to start your fashion blog?

I started FALLINLAUVE.COM because I always knew I had a passion for it and wanted to meet like-minded individuals who also share the same interests. It’s a great way for me to inspire and be inspired by others. My philosophy is always to try and learn something new everyday. With this blog, I can now stay connected and share what I love most with everyone.


Where do you get your inspirations from?

I get my inspirations from all over, especially all the talented bloggers on Instagram! Everyone has a unique take on his or her own personal style and I always find it very refreshing. I also find inspirations through magazines, different cultures and what people are wearing on the street.


How would you describe your personal style?

I am always looking for something that is timeless and feminine, but I also have days where I love mixing it up too. I find I really enjoy playing with beautiful texture, prints and colour.


Do you have some favourite pieces in your closet?

This is a difficult one because there are a lot of favourite pieces, but what I still love most is my jean jacket because it’s so easy to pair with all of my casual outfits. For accessories, I like everything small such as, an evening clutch.


What one thing can’t you be without?

Since it rains quite a bit in the fall season in Vancouver, B.C. Canada, I usually like to have my little umbrella handy with me. I also can’t seem to be without a camera because there is always something to be captured at any moment! I find beauty in everything.


– The Fashion Supernova

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