10 Hot Leather Biker Jackets For Autumn & Styling Options

leather jacket 2

As North Carolina has its first frost in October and our outfits start to trend towards more of a fall look, the need for the most versatile article of clothing becomes an even more important staple in every ladies wardrobe. It can be worn in so many different ways that your possibilities are endless and your “style” rating never takes a hit.

Of course I am speaking of the ladies leather biker jackets. It comes in so many different styles, colors, lengths and weights, but never leaves a man without thinking in his head; is she perfectly sweet or is she perfectly naughty? No matter what your personality or your social class, no matter your annual income or your fashion style, there is always a biker jacket, or two, just waiting to wrap around your body and be the statement piece for all to compliment you on. Below you will find ten different biker jackets, all that will help you accomplish the look you need and want for your fall wardrobe!

free people vegan leather jacket

Free People Vegan Leather Biker Jacket

schott nyc black leather jacket

Schott NYC Leather Biker Jacket

muubaa sabi leather jacket

Muubaa Sabi Leather Biker Jacket

asos leather biker jacket fur collar

ASOS Leather Biker Jacket With Faux Fur Collar

muubaa burgundy brixia leather jacket

Muubaa Brixia Leather Biker Jacket

blank nyc faux leather blue jacket

BLANK NYC Crop Faux Leather Biker Jacket

urbancode leather biker jacket

Urbancode Leather Biker Jacket With Borg Collar

warehouse quilted double leather jacket

Warehouse Quilted Double Buckle Leather Biker Jacket

doma military biker jacket leather

Doma Military Biker Jacket With Leather Sleeves

doma leather biker jacket with ombre

Doma Leather Biker Jacket With Ombre Effect

Now that you have seen ten different biker jackets and have an idea of how you may be able to incorporate them into your wardrobe, here are a few bloggers who have styled leather biker jackets in their own different ways. Remember, if someone tells you that buying a biker jacket will totally change your life, chances are, it will!

leather jacket

Dressing down a biker jacket is almost as easy as dressing it up, this look is perfect for almost any casual occasion!

leather jacket 2

Matching leather with leather will always be a controversial thing, but if done well (like here), it can be one of the hottest looks on the planet!

leather jacket 3

Red and Burgundy are two colors that will pop really well in fall, they look great with almost anything and are easy to accessorize. Like this.

leather jacket 4

Going out for a hot date or maybe to a get together and need to look extra hot? Wear a biker jacket over your dress and give yourself a little edge, trust me, the guys will notice!

leather jacket 5

Wearing a leather biker jacket with a cute skirt can look really hot, no matter the style of the skirt, you will amp up your outfit adding a biker jacket to the ensemble.

leather jacket 6

Leather and denim is timeless, just ask bad boy James Dean who made the biker jacket popular for both men and women, men wanted to be him and women wanted to be with him. Now, men want to be with women who wear a biker jacket like he did!

Now that you have seen some really great ideas, its time for you to go out and find the perfect biker jacket that will give you all the options in the world to make you the most fabulous outfits for the fall/winter season. Don’t forget, if you dress well, you can do anything well!


  1. Trust me everyone! A biker jacket will change your life! Hope everyone is inspired buy this post!

    • Thanks for writing it!

    • D, I agree about leather biker jacket. That along with my jean jacket are my 2 go to jackets for the fall. I glam it up with my bling, scarfs over skinny jeans, leggings…wow just so many ways to make it nice or naughty

      • Awesome comment! I lovE the naughty or nice idea! Just in time for xmas and a new biker jacket! Were you naughty or nice this year? Ho ho ho

  2. What a great post?????
    One thing for sure leather will always be in style. No matter what color, what style, what length…… No matter how old or young, cheers to leather.

  3. I love my brown leather jacket for it gets worn to all occasions. And as Allegra said leather jackets will always be in style.

  4. Mel Watterson says:

    Well done, great writing…love the biker jacket. Great for any age ♡♡♡

  5. Mel Watterson says:

    D ….My photo should be up here….everyday biker Jacket use ;-);-)

  6. Good blog! All those jackets look pretty awesome!!

  7. Any woman in a leather jacket is irresistible

  8. Doma Military Biker omg i need it. ASOS and Muubaa Brixia–yes. These picks are amazing!! The blogger with the yellow dress and quilted jacket is possibly my fav (the shoes are great too). This author is great, would love to read more from them.

  9. this is definitely inspiring me to check out other colour leather jackets besides the usual black! Thanks!

  10. Love the look doll!!! You look gorgeous!
    Im in love with leather jackets
    Check out my page for similar looks! I think you’d love it! <3

    -xoxo, Jessi


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