Curbbz – The Hottest New Bracelet Designer Is Here!

Perhaps you are looking for a unique bracelet or a piece of jewellery that is different from anything else you own? Enter Curbbz, the designer that makes high end, unique and unisex jewellery but at high street prices. Each bracelet is crafted from the highest quality silicone in a variety of colours that are all finished off with a metal detail carrying the brands logo, ranging from silver, yellow gold and rose gold shades. The mix of colours and metals are what makes this brand unique and also unisex. Quite often unisex jewellery doesn’t necessarily suit everyone but Curbbz jewellery definitely appeals to both sexes.


Black + Silver Bracelet

As all bracelets are unisex, this particular black bracelet will suit anyone and everyone, making it a totally universal option. The silver metal at the front really sets off the entire piece and definitely makes an impact!


Lilac + Rose Gold Bracelet

Rose gold is a really popular metal option right now and pops up everywhere amongst jewellery designers so this lilac and rose gold bracelet is an on trend piece. The pretty lilac silicone compliments the rose gold metal perfectly.


White + Gold Bracelet

As much as a black bracelet will go with most outfits, so will this stunning white Curbbz bracelet. The white definitely makes a big impact and when paired with this yellow gold link at the front, there really is no mistaking this unique piece.

Curbbz bracelets are the perfect option for the man or woman in your life, with many different colours to choose from and also the range of different metals within the pieces means you can gift a bracelet to someone that’s totally their style. All bracelets are available from or alternatively, with the discount code: DSU6DD7HJKLM , you can currently get 10% off Curbbz bracelets at Silver Tree.

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