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Aeronautica Militaire is a very cool designer Italian brand that I was recently introduced to. One thing that caught my eye about this brand is how different it is to the usual designers and how it marches to its own drum. Aeronautica Militaire makes clothes for the Italian Air Force as well as clothes for people to buy, but they still keep that military theme within their pieces as you can see from the select few products I highlighted below.

Aeronautica Militare started making the clothes we see and buy today in 2004, but the brand was originally founded by a man called Cristiano Sperotte, just after the Second World War. They were all about making clothes that are of a great high quality, pieces that last and are durable, which they would have to be if they were made for the Italian Air Force. This motto still stands though and Aeronautica Militare carry it out in their clothing designs still today. Most of their clothes are emblazoned with shields and military logos as well as embellished, keeping true to the Air Force heritage that the brand started with. As you can see, they make leathers, coats and sportswear using authentic insignia of the Italian Air Force.

Aeronautica Militare

They make clothing for both men and women and I think would be suited to those with a more bold sense of style, or those who love that military vibe. I think some of their jeans and their tops are really nice, as well as the sneakers. They look like they were designed with passion and the fits look structured too. You should definitely put this brand on your radar of designers to watch! You can also check out the Aeronautica Militare women’s collection too.

aeronautica militare clothes

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