6 Hot Watches For Summer


Summer time to me always means having a fun and fancy watch upon your wrist. You no longer need those long sleeves to keep you warm, so watches are the main focal point of your arm candy! I personally own quite a few watches and I think they really make a statement, especially when they are teamed with lots of pretty jewellery to really jazz up your wrist! I thought it would be good to select 6 different watches which are perfect for the Summertime months!

I started out with this beautiful Olivia Burton Gold Butterfly watch as woodland creatures are fantastic for Summer! I am a huge fan of her watches too, so it definitely made sense picking this one! To the right of that one is a Marc by Marc Jacobs Silver watch, something a little more classic that pairs well with muted bracelets so it’s not too overwhelming. Then it’s another Marc by Marc Jacobs watch, the Blade Chrono in Rose Gold. I personally own this watch and it’s been one of my favourites for 2 years! It’s amazing and looks fantastic with pearls and beads!

On the second line, I started with this Michael Kors Gold and Pink watch as I think the gold is such a classic colour, but the bright pink face really adds an intensity to it which livens things up! Then I opted for something more classic and timeless, a pre-owned Rolex watch for those of you who have a little more cash to spend! You can never go wrong with a Rolex! Then, finally, another Olivia Burton watch, this time with a beautiful Humming Bird face. Again, this is a watch I own and absolutely adore! Which one do you like the most?


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  1. Those Olivia Burton watches are amazing! I will always have a soft spot Michael Kors timepieces!


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