Street Style From Zurich

Street style from Zurich

Zurich is the place that is rich with beautiful women and young teenage ladies that are quite attractive, making the street style in Zurich surprisingly heavy. Here are some useful pieces of fashion information about Zurich street style:

Trendy And Glitzy People

The ladies here are chic and sophisticated, often seen wearing their own classic fashion in the streets. They are perfectly polished and perfectly branded, what you might call quite trendy and glitzy. The people in Zurich don’t tend to have a very edgy or retro style at all.


Branded Bags

The most famous brands worn here include Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Chanel, Prada, and more. Further it’s the young girls or the older women; all of which are seen wearing branded products including branded bags. Sporting designer wear is quite common amongst the teens.


Maintained Hair Styles

The way the men and women in Zurich maintain their hair is quite noticeable. When we talk about street style, there comes no surprise that a number of swanky hair salons around every corner are available for all the men and women to style their hair up. Fringes are the most common hairstyle adopted by the women here. You will mostly see their hair down and well styled.

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Dressing Trends

• During the warm days in Zurich, women are seen in skinnies and cigarette pants. Some of them also wear the ankle length leggings with heeled pumps, ballet flats, booties, and even loafers. The tops are mostly knitted tunics with blazers.

• When it comes to accessories, the people here love wearing branded scarves, jewelry, slung belts, and even designer bags. Scarves are always worn during the winter days. It’s also their signature style statement. You are going to witness these trends everywhere in Zurich.

• During the colder days, the females wear calf length boots over their leggings, jeggings, or skinny jeans. Mostly the outfits are neutrally toned. They always have a texture of black, so it’s rare to see any other bright or vibrant colors here. The most loved color here is red though. An oversized jacket might not be a bad idea during winter too. It looks perfectly amazing with the skinnies.


People hardly accessorize here. If you are coming to stay in Zurich, you will feel more welcomed if you are dressed like them. Just make sure that your outfit includes skinnies and black. People are not really fond of a colored palette. They prefer more of a brown, black, and red combination, and that’s what you are going to see throughout the streets in Zurich. It’s just like a modern classic atmosphere that’s going to be witnessed all around the streets, especially for those who want to know how to become a model in Zurich too, as fashion is very important.


Throughout the streets, you will see men and women following fashion trends so strictly and you will think that they are flaunting their own fashion styles and statements. That’s what makes them more chic and trendy. Even if you are not a native, you won’t feel like an alien wearing the Zurich street styles and the major reason behind that is they are so trendy. All these street touches make Zurich a fashion hub of the trendiest looks around.

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