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The next blogger that I am featuring in my Blogger Spotlight series is the wonderful Irene Buffa from Onto My Wardrobe. She’s from Milan, Italy and has such a great blog. I’ve personally been a fan of Irene for quite some time and I adore her professional looking photos as well as her fashion sense. It was a pleasure to be able to interview her and find out more about her love for blogging!


What’s your history in the fashion industry?

I’ve always loved fashion since when I was small, I drew and sewed clothes and used to spend my days reading fashion magazines like Vogue, but I can say I put my first foot in the fashion industry when I was just 16 and I got the chance of joining some of the most important fashion shows here in Milan where I am currently based. That made me realize how much I liked fashion and it was clear that was my path.

Only later in life (at 19) I opened my fashion blog and I started seeing fashion from “the inside”. What I like the most about my job is that I can truly do and say what I want, I can experience fashion in the way that represents me the most and I can make it mine.


What made you decide to start your fashion blog?

I think I partly answered this question in the previous one, but I would say the idea came when I was about to finish high school. I had no idea of what blogs were until I found this photo on Facebook. It was from a fashion blog, I clicked on the link and a whole world appeared in front of me. I started reading (mostly) American fashion blogs, I’ve always loved that Californian style. After months of spending my days on the computer looking for new bloggers and checking out the latest posts from the blogs I loved, I realized I could have opened one myself. At first it was just a game (and being honest it was pretty awful) but when I started collaborating with some small brands I understood how much potential there was and I really, really worked hard to achieve what I am doing now. Still, I think there is so much more to do!


Where do you get your inspiration from?

My inspiration comes from the world itself, which may sound stupid, but what I mean is that there are things in nature and in our ways of living that I look at and that make me find new and fresh ideas. I find cities inspiring, I look at people, I like old and new buildings, I love markets, especially when they are full of flowers and fruit. That’s also the reason why I love traveling: new cultures always open my mind to new things and ideas.


How would you describe your personal style?

My style has changed a lot since when I opened my blog, probably because I was just 19 and I think that style is something that is continuously evolving. As an almost 22 year old girl, I perfectly know who I am right now and what my style is. I love colors, I love suits and jumpsuits, one pieces, prints, anything that puts me in a good mood pretty much. I think we should find happiness and positivity in everything we do, see and touch. That does not mean I am not a black addict as well 😛


Do you have some favourite pieces in your closet?

Even though my favorites are usually colorful garments, tropical printed skirts and flowered dresses, I think my favorite pieces are those I can wear with anything anytime. I call them “passpartouts”, like the jeans with the best fit, the biker leather jacket, a parka…


What one thing can’t you be without?

Definitely sunglasses, I am just obsessed. If I go out without them I feel naked. Sometimes I even find myself at 9pm in the dark wearing my sunglasses and wondering: Why did it get so dark? I really can’t take them off.


– The Fashion Supernova

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