7 Summer Beauty Essentials

With the Summer season fast approaching, getting your makeup bag in check can be an vexatious task, especially if you have no idea what products you really need. This reason, is why I decided to compile my summer essentials to give you an idea on which products are actually necessary, and which should be put away for the next few months.


First things first, a primer is essential, especially if you want to be sporting the gorgeous eye makeup trends that are going around this season. In the, sometimes unbearable, humidity, hot weather can take its toll on makeup you spent hours perfecting, so make sure to begin by applying a good primer to ensure your efforts will not go to waste. The Urban Decay Primer Potion is raved about by just about every beauty blogger, and for good reason! No matter where you go this summer, I promise this little angel will keep your makeup looking flawless, leaving you to have fun wherever you want to go!


As with my previous point, the hot weather and mascara mix isn’t always a successful one. Even if you started off the day with fluttering, girly lashes, I can almost guarantee a day in the heat will have left you sporting the not-so-chic panda eyes. This is why a good waterproof mascara is essential! I use the Rocket Volume mascara by Maybelline and I love it! Just be sure to have a good makeup remover to take it off at the end of the day because this product doesn’t budge for anything!


Continuing with the theme of durability in heat, my next product is essential for long days in heat and humidity, to maintain a pretty makeup look that will endure whatever obstacle the day may throw at you. I love cream products, period, but the 24 Hour Colour Tattoos from Maybelline are by far my favourite. These handy shadows are perfect for quick eye makeup looks that look BEAUTIFUL. They are so easy to apply, either with a brush or with fingers and the hype around them, with makeup wearers of all abilities, is extremely well deserved. My favourite is in the colour ‘On and On Bronze’ to create the perfect, classic bronze summer eye shadow look.


With the summertime, comes travelling and holidays! To ensure low maintenance travelling, good, compact palettes are essential, particularly those with multipurpose use. I love this Michael Kors for Estee Lauder palette with six beautiful shimmery shades and their classic ‘Bronze Goddess’ bronzer, all perfect for beautiful summer looks and because of the variety of colours, it couldn’t be easier to mix up your looks and recreate variety of summer trends. This palette is also brilliant because of its tiny size, perfect for travelling and a large mirror, which is great for on the go makeup.


As I said before, I love cream products and my face products are no exception. Cream products are so good for summer time as they look so much more natural in the sunshine and fresh, dewy looks are so much easier to achieve. To add a beautiful bronze glow to my face I either like to mix Stila’s One Step Bronze with my foundation or apply to the highest points of my face as a bronzer.


Strappy shoes are a summer must have and beautiful polished feet are an essential for the summer months. To keep my feet in check I like to apply ‘Foot Polish‘ to my feet after scrubbing them with a pumice stone in the shower to keep away dry, hard skin.


Not to neglect the nails, summer is the perfect time to try out bright, beautiful nail colours and pretty pastel polishes. My current favourite is this coral orange from Sephora in the colour ‘M-Maybe’. I love to apply this to both my finger nails and toes and I can’t wait to wear this on the beach this summer! What are your summer essentials?

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