Street Style From Israel


Who doesn’t love street style? Every day, we see innovative combinations that the fashion lovers come up with and they are not just good to see in pictures, they are actually inspiring to adopt as a daily look. To keep the street style series inspiration flawless and glamorous, here is the street style from Israel. It would be wonderful to highlight different looks from the capitals from all over the world. It’s no big deal if you are not aware of the fashion trends is countries like Israel. We have come up with the street styles of the country.

The best thing is that you can copy these street style dresses even if they belong to Israel. They are trendy and you can adapt them according to your own taste. For those who want some tips on dressing like a street style star, you should definitely check the wonderful looks here.


The Street Trends

The popular brands worn in Israel include Nine West, Zara, Vintage and H&M.

In religious cities like Jerusalem, the street style reflects some religious norms like that Jewish head covering obligation. However, there are some cities like Tel Aviv, where you can tell by the street style, how much they love fashion. Tel Aviv is the trendiest city in Israel. There is no religious dressing common among the inhabitants of the city. The street style is a combination of casual, but lots of sassy and edge dresses with the Middle East twist.


The Fashion Reflection

In most of the cities, you can see the reflection of the fashion style of Barcelona. The women there possess long hair, which is mostly layered, straight, and sometimes even curly. Israelis are dark, but they are really exotic looking people. You will rarely see a fair skinned redhead individual there. You won’t even see any blondes walking in the streets.


Most Worn Accessories

There is nothing like a good old structured blazer when it comes to the old Israeli fashion. When it comes to fashion accessories, sunglasses are the biggest of them all. You will see sunglasses commonly worn by almost everyone in the streets.


The Trend of Leggings and Jeans

You will see leggings worn with tunics, gladiators, jackets, and even the tiny tops. Those fashion styles are adopted and ooze a positive body image. That is one quality of the fashion trends in Israel. Leggings first became popular in Israel in summer. They were paired with flat shoes during the season. Even during summer, a lot of European twists and touches are seen in the streets. It seems like Israelis are getting into the European trends as well. 95 percent of the individuals wearing jeans have chosen either skinny jeans or straight jeans, that’s what’s worn in the streets of Israel.

Although the fashion trends from Europe and West are seen with a twist, the most wonderful thing is that there is always a touch of the Israeli society in each fashion look. That is what makes the fashion wear and street styles of Israel chic.


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