Emma Watson’s Best Short Hair Looks

From her sleek and chic faux bob to that pixie cut, Emma Watson is a hair beauty. Ever since Emma cut up her hair a couple years ago, she instantly exuded a high degree of fashion. But even at an early age, young Hermione (Emma Watson) knew how to look pretty on the red carpet with admirable ease: her light curvy locks, sleek side-swept bangs, and white flower hair accessory. Emma has always been a great inspiration for fashion magazines and women always love to keep up with her latest trends. We present you the most appealing, magical Emma Watson short hairstyles for your inspiration.

Her Sleek and Chic Faux Bob

emma watson sleek and chic faux bob

Bobs are sexy, fun, and quite enduringly chic. The faux bob is currently a searing trend on the red carpet, and Emma just effortlessly pulls it off. This hairstyle is elegant and sleek and I think we can all agree that it looks absolutely magnificent on her. The faux bob gives you a mirage of having a completely new, shorter style but is not in fact so as you don’t need to cut your hair. With the right product, skill and a little practice, you can also recreate this style yourself at home. You can try the following method:

  1. To get the best look, start with damp hair. Apply a slight combination of Eufora Smooth’n Balm and Eufora Glaze by taking a little of each and rubbing them together in your palms, then applying from ends to the roots.
  2. Using a round brush, blow dry your hair. Make sure you don’t over straighten the ends as you want to leave the ends with plenty of volume. To help do this, slightly tease the back crown.
  3. Tuck sides of hair under the nape of your neck and use bobby pins to secure it. Using four large hot rollers, roll the hair under towards the base of the scalp.
  4. Once the hair is cool, with care and patience, unroll each hot roller, making sure not to tug the ends as your remove the rollers in order to maintain the curl at the end of the hair. Then, spritz your hair with hairspray, preferably Eufora Elevate.

Seems easy, right? It takes practice, but you’ll get the hang of it pretty quickly!

Her Notorious Pixie Cut

emma watson pixie cut

Emma Watson ultimately transitioned into Hollywood eminence the day she cut up her hair into a pixie cut. It’s come to our attention that she can pretty much take on any style, and with the pixie cut, she pretty much jumped straight into womanhood. So, here’s how to get the fabulous Emma Watson pixie cut:

  1. Wash your hair with a light volumizing shampoo and conditioner. Volumizing shampoos work well with fine hair to build volume.
  2. Towel dry your hair until just damp by patting it with the towel. Avoid rubbing it as this can cause hair to be frizzy. Comb out any tangles in the hair.
  3. Blow dry your hair upside down to take all the wetness out, then turn your head up and part the hair to the side. Blow dry each section up and under to create a sleek volume, working from the back of the head to the forward.
  4. Apply some shine serum to the ends. A shine serum can help smooth strands on the hair. If desired, you can use some bobby pins to secure the hair behind the ear and have some hair flow over the area to hide the bobby pins. This style gives the longer pixie an updo feel.
  5. Lastly, use a soft hold hairspray to complete the process.

Her Pretty French Braiding

emma watson french braiding

Not only is Emma Watson’s french braids a chic way to keep hair out of your face, it also looks elegant on a night out. See how you can re-create this french braid yourself:

  1. To start a french braid, take about a two-inch chunk of hair from the front of the right hairline and divide this portion of your hair into three even strands, while holding the sections out away from the scalp. Now, while braiding against the scalp, start a normal braid. Take the right strand and cross it over the middle strand. Next, take the left strand and cross it over the middle strand.
  2. Once you have this small braid, begin adding more hair with each crossover by collecting a little bit of hair from the hairline and add it to the rightmost strand, then cross it over the middle strand. Be sure to keep the strands separated at all times by pulling it tight. Repeat on the other side.
  3. Continue this braiding pattern until you are about one inch away from the right neckline. At this point, you want to start braiding horizontally across to the left neckline.

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