LOOKBOOK.nu Fashion Inspiration 54

Here is my fifty forth installment of my LOOKBOOK.nu Fashion Inspiration posts! I’ve gone for four completely different looks again, each of them from the ladies. Some are quite tough and grungy while others are a little softer.

The first look above from Flavia is really cool. I love seeing tougher and more edgier pieces and the black, red and print combination here is great. I love the plaid mixed with the studs and those boots are so hot! The second outfit is a bit more softer, incorporating a beige trench coat with a floral top, white skinny jeans and heels. This is always a winning combination in my eyes! It couldn’t look more chic and smart if it tried. The blazer underneath is a nice touch too. The third look is another trench coat in beige, with skinny jeans in blue and nude heels this time. It’s slightly more whimsy with the tie around the middle and less structured than the previous look, but I think it’s absolutely beautiful! Finally, the fourth outfit, this one caught my eye as it’s something I would love to wear. I adore boyfriend jeans with rips and I think these look amazing with the black heels and sweater. The black and grey checked coat with the hint of burgundy to it just really makes it stand out. That’s what drew me to this in the first place. I can never get enough burgundy! Where do you get your fashion inspiration from?

– The Fashion Supernova

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