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Everyone absolutely adores having brightly coloured lips, but making that colour last is sometimes impossible! I know from experience that I can make my lips really vivid and perfect at home, only to find that about half an hour later, the colour is wearing off, especially if I have eaten, it’s generally game over! So, how do you make your statement lips last? I’ve found a few lip products over time that are really good at lasting quite a while (never the duration of time suggested on the packaging), but I thought it would be a better idea to do some research and gather up information on how you can actually get the most from your lip colour and make it last as long as you can. A lot of prep work and after care is required, but ladies, if it works, I’m willing! Aren’t you?


Exfoliation is a key part in making sure your lips have a great base to start with! You can do this just before you want to apply your lipstick, or if your lips are sensitive, it’s recommended that you do it the evening before. This process removes any flaky skin from the lips and ensures that you have a smoother and cleaner application. You can get lip scrubs from pretty much anywhere and there should be instructions on the box, but make sure you rub in small, circular motions. After this, you want to make sure your lips are hydrated so they don’t get dry again.

Applying lipstick to dry lips is always a no go! Using a good lip balm or primer before applying any lip colour always provides a great base as it gives hydration and creates a waxy texture which prevents the colour absorbing into your lips. You want to apply lip balm 10 minutes or more before using any lip colour to make sure it’s soaked in enough. I have found from experience though, some lip balms can make your lipstick slide a bit and run into your skin, so the best thing to do is use a clear lip liner to line your lips (or a clear mascara or brow gel) to make sure the colour wont spread past your lip line. Nobody wants to end up with clown lips!

Before you apply the lipstick, some experts recommend that you apply a lip liner all over your lips too (the same colour as your chosen lipstick or clear) as this creates a great base for colour and when your lipstick fades, you wont be left with just an outline. Be sure to blot any extra off though with oil absorbing paper as it’s much better than tissue, it doesn’t leave any lint behind and absorbs well.



Now it’s time to obviously apply your lipstick and it’s recommended that you use a lip brush to put it on. This creates an even texture and it also helps to make the lipstick last. I know when I have had mine done professionally on a photo shoot, the make-up artists always use a brush. You can get smoother lines and glide it on easier too than straight from the stick. You want to choose a lipstick that says it’s long lasting and it’s better to choose one from a trusted brand to make sure it hasn’t got any nasty chemicals in it which can be damaging to you. Applying two or three coats is sometimes needed as well to make sure your lips are bright and vivid!


After Care

So, now you have your colour on, you can go back over the lines of your lips and the inside of the lines with your lip liner again to ensure that it wont leak and it will also help the colour to stay put. I don’t recommend pressing hard though as you might remove some of the lipstick you just applied.

One thing I’ve seen quite a few times and experienced myself is lipstick on the teeth, especially when you have a vibrant shade like red! You want to take your index finger and place it in your mouth, then pull it out slowly, this ensures that any lipstick on the underside of your lips will end up on your finger and not on your teeth!

Now, to make the lipstick last, after all of this preparation and work, instead of applying lip gloss over the top (the oils can make the lipstick fade faster) you can try a setting powder instead. Mark Pro Glimmer Hook Up Lip Powder is one that is highly recommended after doing some research. It sets the colour and also helps your lipstick remain on, even after eating and drinking! If your lipstick has faded a little bit and you want to touch it up, to make sure you don’t make it uneven, you can blot your lips and then apply gently dab some of your lipstick over your lips, but if this doesn’t work, some gloss over them to smooth everything out often works a treat!

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