How To Style Denim Overalls For Summer 2014


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When you think of denim overalls or denim dungarees, your first thoughts probably drift towards the 90’s and those really baggy, largely unflattering pairs that many used to wear, coupled with Timberland boots. As trends always come back around, denim overalls are having their moment right now (just like jumpsuits) and have been gaining popularity for about 10 months.

Now that Spring has hit, everyone is coming out with their take on the revived trend and giving them a modern update! Gone are the baggy and unsightly sacks of denim you were used to and in are the skinny, tapered and shorts versions! I thought it would be a good idea to put together a big post showing 8 different ways in which you can style denim overalls, both long and short, for Spring and Summer, for most occasions! I’ve also included some of my favourite blogger photos and celeb photos of them in overalls! Everyone who is anyone is wearing dungarees right now and looking great in them!

Short Denim Overalls


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Short denim overalls are my favourite! I love how cute and adorable they look, giving off that western theme, yet when styled right they can look so current! The lighter blue slouchy styles are the best and the most versatile, but I do have a pair of black ones that I’m just waiting to style! Check out these looks below!

With A Plaid Shirt


When I say with a plaid shirt, I’m simply referring to tying the shirt around the waist. Again, this was a big trend in the 90’s, but with the slimmer short overalls, tan sandals and bag and fitted white tee, tying a plaid shirt at your waist couldn’t look more fresh! This is definitely one of the best ways to wear short dungarees!

With A Cropped Top


If you love a more fun and flirty look with a retro vibe, why not pair the short denim overalls with a cropped white top, some fun black and white spotted wedges, a sun hat, sunglasses and some accessories! This is a really vintage inspired, yet playful look that seems up to date!

With A Blazer


One of my other favourite ways to wear short denim overalls is to dress them up! So many people think they are for casual wear only due to their relaxed nature, however if you layer them over a sleeveless shirt, then put a structured black blazer over the top, slip on some fancy black heels and a leopard clutch, they look really modern and smart! I absolutely adore this type of outfit!

With A Jumper/Sweater


If none of the above appeals to you and you want something casual and comfortable, why not pair them with a slouchy sweater, some matching lace ups and a different colour bag with fun accessories? This is a much younger take on the trend and a much more comfortable one! Colour blocking with pastels always works a treat!

Full Length Denim Overalls


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As you can see here, one of the best ways to wear full length denim overalls is slightly cropped or fully skinny and then with heels. This really takes the trend out of the 90’s and straight into 2014! In the first image, a lot of the celebs are wearing their denim overalls really baggy, however I think the bloggers have it spot on with their stylings! But, check out these 4 looks below and see which you like the most!

With A Plaid Shirt


Again, just like with the short denim overalls, you can wear longer versions with a plaid shirt around your waist too. I chose a matching blue or a red if you want to have a pop of colour. This look works with both blue and black overalls as you can see and I think having a bandeau top underneath works the best as it limits the amount of fabric you have. You can pair this type of outfit with heels, but I chose flats here as I envision this one as a very comfortable look.

With A Cropped Top


Smart can be done with full length denim dungarees too! Pairing them with some gorgeous black heels, a structured black blazer and a tight lace top makes a great foundation for something classy! Just throw on some accessories and a sophisticated looking bag and you are all set! Again, this one works with both black or blue overalls, however I think I prefer blue!

With A Coat


If you live in a climate that’s a little more chilly when it comes to Spring and Summer, like myself, why not layer over a pastel coat? I find this type of look with a statement coat over the top really makes it stand out and look amazing! I chose pastels due to them being perfect for Spring, but they are great to colour block with too! If you are going with a yellow coat, why not choose mint green shoes and a sky blue bag? I love this type of outfit with blue skinny overalls only.

With More Denim


And finally, more denim! I’ve seen people out with denim shirts underneath their denim overalls and I think it looks amazing! This only works with super skinny dungarees in a mid blue, layered over a similar colour shirt or a lighter one. The best way to accessorize this is with neutrals which is why I chose nude heels and a nude bag! Perfect for day time wear and on trend!

– All of these items can be purchased online at ASOS, Topshop, Shopbop and Nordstrom. If you want to get some amazing denim dungarees and overalls that are premium, check out the selection here at Shopbop as they have fantastic options! Frame Denim and Wildfox are my favourites! If you want something more affordable, I suggest trying ASOS and Topshop as they have some great styles in a better price range! If you need any help on the products I used in the collages, just leave me a comment and I will get back to you! Also, if you loved this post, please share it with your friends via social media! That would be really helpful!

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