How To Find A Hairstyle To Suit Your Face Shape

I know that most of us tend to choose our hairstyles by looking at what’s in fashion or what the latest celebrity trend is, but really, our first consideration when choosing a new style should be our face shape. Here’s my guide on how to choose the perfect style for you, whether your face is round, long, or oval.

Oval face shapes


You lucky girl! If you have an oval face, then you can literally pull off any hairstyle. Tight pulled back ponytails will show off your beautiful bone structure, but generally all styles will look good on you.

Round face shapes


Short crops flatter rounder faces, they show off features without being too fussy. Keep the style clean and modern. Try to stay away from big fancy curls.

Heart shaped faces


Heart shaped faces look best with side-swept fringes and light flicked layers at the nape of the neck. Choosing one length styles with blunt fringes will only make your face look wider and shorter. You can also add volume with soft, sexy curls.

Triangular shaped faces


Triangular shaped faces need to be balanced and softened with chin length layers around the face. Solid blunt cut styles should be avoided as they will just draw attention to your jaw.

Square face shapes


To soften a square face, choose a wispy cut that falls to one side. Longer hair is better as short hair just tends to emphasise your strong jawline.

Oblong face shapes


A heavy fringe and blunt shoulder length hair can help to flatter an oblong shaped face as the fringe will balance out a long straight face whilst the one length hair will help to add width to a slim face. Curls and waves also work well especially if you use a side parting to give the illusion of more roundness to your face.


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