Leather On The Bottom, Loved All Around

To me, leather fashion done well is the single most attractive ensemble a woman can wear. Others however, believe that leather is tacky and known as even slutty in some cases. Anyone has the ability to make any type of clothing look sophisticated or what some would call trashy, so I am here to confirm to you that leather on the bottom will bring love all around you and to those who see you wearing it.

Summer is here and there are many great looks you can discover that will make you feel sexy, confident and very sophisticated! Lets first look at a few reasons why people might enjoy wearing leather. You may or may not agree with all of these reasons, and may have a few to add, but all in all, most enjoy leather because:

• It smells nice (in most cases)
• The look (shiny in some cases)
• The feel (for those who like that)
• How tight it fits (if you’re into that)
• The illusion that you’re “bad” (because what guy doesn’t like a bad girl?)
• I read “50 Shades of Grey” and now I can’t get enough of the stuff
• Because my “man” likes them and asked me to wear them

One last reason why leather is something people typically enjoy is because it is different! It’s not a typical choice for an everyday outfit, and because of that, when worn properly, it gives a woman a sense of pride and lets be honest, who doesn’t enjoy getting those little looks from the guys? One of my favorite quotes came from Eliza Dushku saying: “There is definitely something sexy about a girl with an attitude and a pair of leather pants”

One disclaimer I have for all of you who are not fans of leather because it comes from animals, which I totally respect and honor your opinion, is that for each item I talk about or show you, there is often a faux leather option as well! Please enjoy this guest post and thank you for loving The Fashion Supernova!

Leather pants have been in and out of “style” for years, but one thing I believe is that if you follow trends too much, you also spend too much money and regret so many purchases! This is why if you walk into your closet right now (if you have one) you will find that you really only wear about 35% of the clothes that you actually own! My advice is; purchase clothes you love and you will love to wear, not what everyone tells you to wear and most importantly, not what you see celebrities wear!

Leather pants look fabulous no matter the occasion and no matter the season. Even real leather can be made with a heavy or light weight to it, obviously you would want to wear a lighter weight pair of pants in the summer, or faux leather works very well for the summer also! Leather pants can be dressed up or down or all around! You can buy faux leather leggings that cost as little as 15 dollars or spend up to 2500 dollars or more on a pair of real designer leather pants. Let me tell you though, there is nothing like a perfect fitting pair of real leather pants! If it’s the “look” you are asking for, you will not be disappointed, just keep in mind that there are many variations that will complete your mission! When finding the perfect pair, always remember to look at the details of the sizing, know your “body shape” and if possible, try them on before you buy!

My personal favorite is the 5 pocket leather pant “jeans” of course! Many of your favourite “denim” brands have sold leather pants in the past and have them available now! If you browse the internet and fashion blogs, you have seen many celebrities wearing the 5 pocket jeans style. Here are a few that have caught my eye recently:

1. J Brand Skinny Leather Jeans

2. BLANK NYC Faux Leather Jeans

3. J Brand Maria Leather Jeans

4. Rag & Bone Reverse Jodhpur Leather Jeans

5. Anine Bing Leather Jeans

Depending on the occasion, pockets may not be appropriate and you might have to go with pocket-less pants or leggings to wear to a fancy evening or on a hot date! The difference between pockets and no pockets is so small that it completely depends on what looks good and feels good to you!

There are so many different options to choose from when making the choice on which pair to purchase, not only do the 5 pocket styles come in different varieties, but so do the regular leather leggings with few or no pockets! Moto styles have exposed zippers and sometimes in places you’d never expect a zipper! Now you can purchase leather Jogging pants or Boy fit leather pants! Whatever your style, whatever your occasion, leather pants will give you the look you need to make everyone in the room know that you mean business!

1. Moto Leather Pants – Hudson Stark Leather Moto Pants

2. Boot Cut Leather Pants – Rachel Zoe Leather Bootcut Pants

3. Flare Leather Pants – MiH Marrakesh Leather Flares

4. Slouchy Leather Pants – Rag & Bone Leather Pajama Pants

5. Leather Leggings – Helmut Lang Leather Leggings

Leather skirts are great for the summer; my three favorite looks are the mini skirt, pencil skirt and what I would call the “cheerleader” skirt. These looks also can be dressy or casual! It’s not uncommon to see a pencil skirt paired with a pair of cute flats and a white v-neck t-shirt! A look that will keep you smiling while others nod in appreciation for your choice! Here are a few examples!

1. Cheerleader Skit – Alice + Olivia Leather Cheer leading Skirt

2. Pencil Skirt – Camilla and Marc Leather Pencil Skirt

3. Mini Skirt – Helmut Lang Leather Mini Skirt

4. Skater Skirt – Olcay Gulsen Leather Skater Skirt

My newest favorite leather item to hit the market is the leather overall! I have seen many fantastic pairs that look snug and stunning on anyone daring enough to try the look! There are many more variations of overalls because of the vast amount of material that could be altered and changed! From faux to real, from tight to baggy, this is a look everyone should try! Warning, Warning! It’s a bit risky because overalls are also trendy and mixing two trends is tough to do, but if you love this look, you will love it forever!

1. Guess Leather Overalls

2. ASOS Faux Leather Overalls

3. Forever 21 Faux Leather Overalls

4. Each x Other Leather Overalls

5. Milly Short Leather Overalls

Leather shorts were a huge hit last year and now will be a big part of this years summer amazement! They are sure to hit the scene again this year with a more broad range of styles and excitement! They may not be for the beach, but after a long day of getting sun, throw on a pair of leather shorts and enjoy a night out in some cute booty shorts, or relax at home in a comfy pair of loose fitting lounge shorts! Here are some various options to try!

1. ASOS Baggy Leather Shorts

2. Y.A.S Slim Leather Shorts

3. Blank Denim Vegan Leather Shorts

4. One Teaspoon Leather Shorts

5. Rag & Bone Leather Pajama Shorts

It has been my honor to write this guest blog post for The Fashion Supernova, I hope you have enjoyed reading about leather bottoms and how they might just change your life in a good way! If you ever have any questions or comments or styling tips, you can message me on Twitter @Elevengq, I am always in the mood to talk fashion and help you find the perfect outfit for the perfect occasion! Thank you so much and don’t forget! “if you dress well, you can do anything well!”


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    I love this article. The expression in this piece on leather says allot and speaks volumes.
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  5. Cheerleader skirt and leather overalls—best takeaways!! i’m in the market for some leather 5 pocket jeans and this may have just persuaded me. awesome article!! 5/5

  6. I love leather! Very inspired by your posts .

  7. Great article!! I really enjoyed reading it! 🙂 Although I absolutely agreed with everything you stated, there were a few things in particular that really stood out to me. First, I love how you stated that leather is often seen as a little trashy. In every picture you used, not one of them appeared even close to trashy! All the women looked very well dressed and sophisticated proving that it can be bold but doesn’t have to be skanky and trashy. Second, I love how you used a variety of leather pieces to show that no matter your style, you can wear leather. Furthermore, leather can be successfully worn year round! Although it is great for fall and winter fashion, it looks amazing in the warmer weather too if paired with the right pieces and accessories 🙂
    Lastly, I love how you gave options and examples of budget friendly leather lookalikes! Your article was great for showing that no matter your style or budget, you can wear leather successfully if desired! Again, great read! 🙂 thanks for sharing!

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