10 Summer Jackets From Zara For Men


 Nylon Jacket With Printed Hood

As summer is steadily approaching, there is usually less choice when it comes to outerwear! But on those days where there is a touch of cold to the air, or if you just want to add a level of smartness to your casual outfit, a nice lightweight jacket can be a great addition to any ensemble. This season there is so much to choose from, such as nylon jackets with a variety of different prints, denim jackets with detailing or even just a simple zip up jacket or trench coat. I have chosen 10 of my favourite summer jackets for men from Zara at the moment, easily styled with skinny jeans and sneakers or shorts. Why not check out some of Zara’s amazing Autumn jackets too!


Short Trench Coat With Pocket Edging


Denim Jacket With Detachable Sleeves


Jacket With Faux Leather Shoulder Detail And Elbow Patches


Animal Print Jacket


Flamingo Print Jacket


Combined Denim Velour Jacket With Pouch Pocket


Knit Zip Jacket


Embroidered Jacket


Suede Jacket

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