Smile Brilliant LED Teeth Whitening System Review


The Smile Brilliant LED Teeth Whitening System was sent to me to try. I have never ever tried teeth whitening kits before, only teeth whitening toothpastes, so something completely new for me. The kit contained the Gel Brush on Pen, 2 Lip Guards and the LED light. It is great for those that are on a tight budget and want great whitening results that you can do yourself at  home.

I read the instructions thoroughly, then began. I painted the gel onto my teeth as instructed and applied the lip guards. I then turned the LED light to on and put it against my teeth with the lip guards in place. It says to leave the LED light on for at least 20 minutes. I only managed 15 minutes as unfortunately my teeth really began to feel uncomfortable, so I could not do as instructed. And naturally I had no result what so ever. I feel this kit would be better suited to someone that has no sensitivity what so ever in their teeth and are able to do exactly as instructed. Had my teeth not been so sensitive, I feel I could have achieved the result that was intended, just like others. Have any of you tried this kit?

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  1. : I have very sensitive teeth so I have been using Stella white strips, they are free from peroxide so they won’t damage your enamel or cause teeth sensitivity.

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