Pastel Shades From Paul Fredrick For Summer 2014

Paul Fredrick Spring 2014

Paul Fredrick, one of the leading online stores for professional and stylish menswear, has just launched their brand new Summer 2014 collection. Pastels are hot this season! I’m not just talking about for the ladies either, guys, you can wear pastel tones for Summer now too! Gone are the classic shades of grey, navy and black and in are the soft sorbet hues of blue, lilac, rose and mint! Accompanied by some gorgeous prints! What more could you ask for when it comes to light weight, comfortable fabrics in beautiful bold and bright shades? You can make a statement even in your formal wear!

Why not wear one of these pastel shirts with an eccentric tie? The mixing of the contrasting colours is a winning combination, especially when paired with chinos and boat shoes! I would love a light lilac shirt with that blue spotty tie above, that would look fantastic on a guy paired with some cream chinos rolled up at the ankles. It’s a fantastic way to make your office wear a little more casual for the beach or on a vacation! You can’t go wrong choosing any of these pastel tones as they will bring life to all of your looks!

Paul Fredrick Spring 2014 10Paul Fredrick Spring 2014 2Paul Fredrick Spring 2014 6

If you prefer to wear something a little more classic, one of the best ways to wear pastels for Summer is in a seersucker suit! The cool style of a cotton seersucker suit is a warm weather favourite for many guys. This traditional southern gentleman staple works just about anywhere, paired together or pieced apart for less formal occasions. The flat and puckered texture of the fabric allows air to circulate around and through it, letting it “breathe” and keeping you cool even on the hottest of days. As such, seersucker can be considered one of the first performance fabrics. It’s now available in classic blue and white stripes in their suit separate models as well as charcoal/white and pink/white and is favoured by a lot of Italian men.

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