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My Blogger Spotlight today is on the lovely Anne C from Lifestyle Oasis. Anne is a 33 year old fashion blogger, mummy and wife, living in Dubai. She’s been blogging for over two years about beauty, make-up and fashion and has a much loved passion or travelling all over the world. I would describe Anne’s style as very casual and simple, but the way she accessorizes is key! She wears a lot of similar pieces to me, including skinny jeans, tees, flats and sneakers etc, but I love how she makes everything so colourful with her scarves and jewellery! Check out my interview with her below!


What’s your history in the fashion industry?

Wow, that’s a difficult one to start with! I can’t really say that I have a history in the fashion industry! I’m fully aware that it takes hard work and the right attitude to get noticed… I’m not a wannabe model, I’m just a mother and a wife who enjoys sharing her personal style with her readers!


What made you decide to start your fashion blog?

I’ve always loved reading fashion blogs… Fashion is the best way to express yourself and be YOUnique! Like most girls, I love clothes… My husband loves photography and we live in a cool place… So starting a fashion blog was an evidence for me! We love shooting those pics together… It’s also my way to take my readers along with me around Dubai!


Where do you get your inspiration from?

I get my inspiration from everything that surrounds me… It can be a random stranger in the street, fellow fashion bloggers, friends, ads, magazine pictures! I don’t like to follow trends… I like to dress with pieces that make me feel comfortable and most importantly that fit my body type. Style is all about being yourself!


How would you describe your personal style?

My style is very laid back and casual. I have a 4 year old son so I like to keep it real! I’m very active and like to be outdoors a lot. I’m wearing flats most of the time! I also like to mix cheap and expensive items… I feel like a designer piece instantly makes an affordable outfit look expensive. Most of my wardrobe comes from high street shops… but I do love a good designer purse! 🙂 I’m obsessed with breton stripes, maxi skirts and pretty much anything coral!


Do you have some favourite pieces in your closet?

Of course! I love my 7 For All Mankind jeans! They fit so well… I wear them all the time, so to me it makes sense to splurge on the things I wear the most! I also adore my Louis Vuitton Speedy bag… It literally goes with everything and is a timeless piece! Plus you can fit a lot in it… I like to call it my Mary Poppins bag! It’s the perfect companion for travelling!


What one thing can’t you be without?

I would say maxi skirts… As you know I live in Dubai and summer gets pretty hot to say the least! Maxi skirts are so light and breathable… We have to dress pretty conservative here so they are the way to go for me… I always feel comfortable and feminine in them! I like to pair them with basic tank tops and a little jean jacket for the air conditioned environments!


– The Fashion Supernova

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  1. Great interview! I’m a guy and love reading Anne’s blog! Great pics of dubai and Anne!

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