How To Curl Your Hair With Hair Straighteners & Make Them Last


In my job I’m constantly asked the question, “how do I curl my hair using my hair straighteners?” and often hear “my curls never last all day So today I will be telling you how to create the perfect curls for your hair and giving you tips on how you can make them last all day, using a hair styler, or as most people call them, hair straighteners.

The great thing about curling your hair using hair straighteners is that your curls will last much longer than when you use a curling wand. Why? It’s all about even heat distribution. When using a curling wand, unless you’re a master at it, parts of your hair (normally the ends) will wrap around the rest of your hair, meaning that certain parts will be getting less heat than other areas. This causes your curls to drop in certain areas and then by the end of the day it ends up looking like really bad kinks. Whereas when using a hair straightener, every single bit of your hair will get the same amount of heat applied to it, all areas, from top to bottom gets an even heat. This results in not only bouncier curls, but curls that will last all day and night. Also, if you follow my tips you will find you can make your curls last even longer… mine generally last around four days.

First off you will need a few things. 
  • Tail Comb
  • Large Section clips
  • Small metal pin curl clips
  • Curl hold spray
  • Hairspray
  • Hair straightener
how to curl hair

1.  Using your tail comb, section your hair just above the top of your ear. Using one of your large section clips, secure the rest of your hair on the top of your head, so that it’s out of the way.  It’s always best to start from the bottom upwards. Spray your curl hold spray, which ideally with have a built in heat defense. Spray from arms length distance so that you don’t get your hair too wet. Comb through your hair, ensuring the curl hold is spread evenly through your hair.

2.  Take a section of around 2 inches wide (once you have mastered curling you can take larger sections) and hold on to it firmly, pulling it out fairly tightly. Take your hair straightener and place it on your hair.

3.  Rotate your straightener 180 degrees underneath, and at the same time bring the section of hair under with you. Keep hold of the hair as this ensures you have full control and the hair won’t slide out of the straighteners. Now you can either then glide the straighteners down through the hair keeping it at 180 degrees (similar to how you curl a ribbon) OR carry on to step 4.

4.  Once you have turned your straightener 180 degrees, carry on turning it so that that they go a full 360 degrees, which will wrap your hair through the plates and then over the outer barrel of the straighteners. This method will give you a tighter curl, ideal for when you want your curls to last all day and night OR if you have hair that doesn’t hold a curl well. Then gently glide the straighteners through to the end of your hair.

how to curl hair 2

5.  This is optional, but it’s a technique I always do and guarantees a perfect curl every time. Once you have reached the end of your hair, wrap your hair upwards all the way to the top, then loosen your grip and let go of the hair. This will place the curl in the right position, without the need to fiddle about with it (more about why you shouldn’t do that further down).

6.  With the hair placed in the perfect curl you are then able to slide your finger straight through all of the curled hair and gently wrap your hair upwards.

7.  Grab one of your small metal pin clips and secure the curl in place. Repeat steps 1-7 until all of your hair is curled and pinned.

8.  After allowing your curls to cool down take all your pins out and there you will find a perfect curl. You can then brush through the curls or run your fingers through them to soften up the curls. Then you can spray a small misting of hairspray just to give your curls that added extra hold.

Additional tips:

  • NEVER start touching and fiddling with your curls whilst they are still hot. The reason is, for a curl to set and hold it needs to fully cool down. The moment you start playing with it, it will drop much faster. Pinning the curls enables them to cool down, which will help make them last longer. Not everyone will need to do this, it’s optional, but I highly recommend it for people who have hair that doesn’t tend to hold a curl well.
  • You don’t need to rotate the straightener underneath, you can curl upwards. The steps above will still apply. By curling the hair under, it will create volume at the roots. By curling the hair over it will make the curls fall lower, giving the appearance of loser curls.
  • Remember that when rotating the section of hair (shown in step 4) you must always go in the same direction that you are curling. Curling under, bring the hair under with you. Curling over, bring the hair over with you. Don’t go in the opposite direction as the curl won’t form correctly.
  • Don’t squeeze down on the straighteners too hard as it will stop the plates from gliding through the hair smoothly and will make curling a lot harder. Use a light, but firm grip and going slowly, the hair will simply glide through them.
  • ALWAYS use a heat defense spray. Using a curl hold spray with a built in heat defense will not only provide your hair with a barrier protecting it from the heat, but it will also help hold the curl without the need to use too much hairspray.

 I always recommend my customers practice curling with the straighteners off. This will allow you to master the technique. Remember to achieve curls it’s all in how you rotate your hands, by practicing with them turned off it will allow you to get the hang of where to turn the straighteners and hair, without the chance of getting stuck and damaging your hair. Once you master how to rotate correctly the curl will then form with ease. It may take a few goes, some curls won’t come out perfect, some will but the more you practice, the easier it will get and then within no time you will be able to curl your hair with ease, without the need to look in the mirror and also at a very fast speed.


  1. Great Tutorial with great results, I have always curled my hair with straighteners until recently I got my hands on the enrapture totem styler, honestly for a more relaxed look I prefer using straighteners. 🙂



  2. Thank you! This is so helpful. I feel more confident to give it a go. 🙂 x


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