What Is A Primer? Do We Need A Primer?


When I was younger, I had never even heard of a Primer, let alone used one! I would always just moisturise and put foundation on straight after, unaware that there was another step to take. Ever since I had a sample to try of a primer thought, I have not looked back. They really do prime the skin, cover imperfections, give you a smooth flawless look to apply your foundation over, and more importantly, minimise pores. My foundation does not streak, and stays in place all day long if it’s applied after using a primer.

So, what is a Primer?

A primer is a lotion or cream that is used as a step between moisturising and foundation to keep your foundation in place for a much longer length of time. It smooths the skin, evens out skin tone, minimises your pores, and helps to keep oil under control. All of this creates a fantastic canvas to start doing your make-up. It’s a bit like preparation work before you start applying your base, it gives you that all important skin texture to work with so your make up can look flawless!

I have listed below 3 of my favourite primers that I have tried and tested over time and have grown quite fond of. They really do enhance your look and give you that extra bit of something you might be looking for.

Here are a few of my favourite Primers:


Benefit The POREfessional Primer


BareMinerals Prime Time Brightening Primer


Dior Skinflash Primer

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  1. I didn’t know a primer could do all those things. I just thought it would make your make-up last longer! There’s a new world opening for me as we speak ^^

    x Aurélie

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