Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2014 Ready To Wear – Paris Fashion Week


Here is the brand new Louis Vuitton Fall Winter Ready To Wear 2014 collection from Paris Fashion Week. It was the most awaited show from the whole season since Marc Jacobs stepped down as creative director last season. Everyone wanted to see what direction Nicolas Ghesquière would take the fashion house in! It was definitely a change from the dramatic, dark and Gothic like Spring 2014 collection we saw before! Everything was very vintage inspired, especially from the 70’s, with the colour palette and silhouettes, but definitely with a more modern take.

“It’s a balance of newness and heritage at the house,” Louis Vuitton chief executive officer Michael Burke said about the show, explaining Ghesquière’s plans. “Audacity that leads to eternity. There has to be a certain sense of timelessness.” and I can definitely see that show through. There were a lot of classic pieces which I can see being worn at any point of the year or even decade! Browns, creams and blacks made up a big part of the coming seasons colours and floral prints were also a statement. My main focus was definitely drawn to the sea of dresses which graced the runway and the tailored trousers and coats that followed. I can see so many of these Louis Vuitton pieces being worn on the streets as well as by celebrities! It was nice to see such a wearable collection! “The clothes have to be functional,” Ghesquière mentioned. “What do the girls around me want to wear? I’m surrounded by many women, so I listen to them. I collect a little thing from all of them and mix it. A wardrobe.” and I’m so glad he paid attention! You can see the full collection in the gallery below! What do you think of the Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2014 collection?

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