The Sportswear Trend For Spring 2014


The sportswear craze has hit BIG and I’m on board for it. Brands like Nike and Adidas have never really gone out of style with their classic logos and fits, but every few years or so they hit big again and everyone’s gotta have a piece of it. Right now the sportswear phenomenon is reaching further than just workout leggings and running shoes. Track pants and bomber jackets are all the rage and having some sporty pull over to go with your kit doesn’t hurt. The possibilities are endless and always comfortable with sportswear and you can get a good workout in, if you feel so inclined. I’ve outlined some examples of the trends that are happening right now and also pieces I’m inspired by. Even CHANEL is crossing over into the sportswear world, incorporating sneakers into their Spring Couture runway show as well as knee pads and smooth lines in his layers. I dig it, do you?



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