Christopher Kane Women’s Pre-Fall 2014


Here is the brand new Christopher Kane Pre-Fall 2014 women’s collection. It just became public yesterday and it’s gorgeous! I absolutely love the jewel tone pinks and purples used in the dresses with the snake prints as a nod to Adam and Eve, they are so imaginative and feminine at the same time. I always find Christopher Kane to be really cool!

“I approached the collection by looking at Adam and Eve and the serpent in the garden,” says Christopher Kane. “Then there is the idea of DNA and molecular structures – we decided to make some of our own. The collection is that combination of nature and science, boy and girl, poisonous and pretty. I go back to animals again and again but this time it was the boa constrictor that was the focus. The way they wrap, constrict and how they swallow I found fascinating and it was these ideas that led to much of the structure of the silhouettes.”

Both wrapping and constricting while simultaneously adorning, thick snake printed elastic in jewel colours features heavily in the collection; it is used both structurally and decoratively for the cinching of garments, winding round the body like a coiled snake. Reformulating the idea of the body-con bandage dress, a signature from early Kane collections. A boyish sense is contrasted with hyper-femininity in signature tailored trousers, double-breasted and biker jackets together with oversized t-shirt and tunic shapes. Looks are often completed with Chelsea boots and brogues – elasticated and decorated with bright snakeskin. A new take on the “falling away” silhouette, introduced in the Autumn-Winter 2013 collection, is realised here with garments sliced provocatively and giant zips inserted, themselves adhering to serpentine lines.

Fabric experimentation and new formulations abound in the collection giving both a sense of the sensuous and the scientific. New molecular structures are formulated in original designs of Swiss lace – another Kane signature. Leather and lace or leather and crepe are frequently contrasted, masculine versus feminine. New “3D” knits with plump honeycomb structures feature extensively, together with the characteristic Kane cashmeres. Original silk snake jacquards run throughout. Dyed goat in rich jewel colours, each with a “poisonous streak” of black, feature for outerwear.

As the serpentine gives way to the scientific in the collection, molecular structures merge and insert themselves into simple, oversized t-shirt, tunic and dress designs, growing in abstraction. Giant silver paillettes punctuate and new molecular fastenings are often found. This take on the molecular is also seen in the jewellery that accompanies the collection, a mixture of playfulness and precision.

So what do you think of the brand new Pre-Fall 2014 collection from Christopher Kane? Will you be adding some of these pieces to your wish lists? You can shop the brands current collection online here at Matches Fashion and Net-A-Porter and you can view the full collection in the gallery just below!


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