Street Style Fashion Inspiration 6


Here is the sixth installment of my Street Style Fashion Inspiration series, with photos shot by the talented Ko Hooncheol. I really love seeing peoples style, from around the world and for different events. There are so many unique looks and it’s amazing to see just how peoples personalities translate through their outfit choices.

The look above is one that works so well! I love the black tailored shorts paired with a slouchy black t-shirt and metallic brogues. From the hips down it’s tailored and smart, but from the hips up it’s casual, especially with the back pack, so it works really well. The second look is also amazing! Denim dresses are always on trend and this one fits her figure perfectly, especially with the tough boots and the belt at the waist! The third outfit is more edgy; black leather shorts and a blazer, with a mesh shirt. It’s a wonderful mix of fabrics and shades of black, which is what makes the outfit work well. All black is hard to pull off, but when you have mixed mediums, it just works. Finally, the fourth outfit is quirky! I love the elegant white Grecian style dress, but it’s toned down with the headphones and the flat metallic brogues, so it’s not too girly and soft, it’s tougher. Which of these four looks do you like the most and get your fashion inspiration from?


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  1. Street Fashion is what is in. Love the looks you put together, you go all the type of girls that wear street fashion in different ways.


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